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This is a petition to keep Adventist Online.

I vow to never again injure another person on this forum through putting down a person in words. I understand that it is fine to kindly debate topics, but the subject matter must be separated from individuals. It is against the 6th commandment to kill people with our words. I will think and write only the good aspects of others, even those I disagree with.

Please post your name below if you agree or if you have any amendments to this petition. If we do not respond, it appears that Adventist Online will be shut down.

I would also like to challenge people to carry this offline to your spouses and family members; also to your friends and foes. IT IS SIN TO SPEAK BAD OF PEOPLE AND GOD TAKES IS SERIOUSLY. Never, ever should an evil word be spoken. Not once. Practice this with your spouse, then you will quickly master Christlike speech. It is not hard. Just put on Christ.

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I sign my name. Keep it going


Agreed!! Many positive things have happened because of this site! 


i would like to add my name as well...

I'm adding my signature to this as well.

Let us love one another as God has loved us, by sending His Son Jesus to die for us all while we were still sinners.  At this end time we are to uphold one another in Christ as we are His messengers for this end of time.  If we cannot get on with one another here on earth then we should forget about heaven as we will not get there in the state we are in.

I promise to God and to my fellow brothers and sisters on this site that I will through the help of the Holy Spirit, use words that will only give praise and glory to Jesus, as we are all created by Him. Sandra

Please do not close this site down as it is the devil that does not want us to glorify Christ, do not give him that honor, instead let us rebuke in love.

Hello  to All

First Of All If you had Clearly Read The Post It Stated that Every one Would Be Required To Sign an agreement that they Fully Understand the Bi Laws Governing The Usage Of This Site The Administrator P. Clark & His Elected Team Of Board Member would Be Responsible For Determining if they Person should be Disallowed Usage Of this Site. By you & My Self Signing The Amended New Bi Laws we agree To TOTTALY Just Move along with out any other Thing to say & realize that we are being Administratively Remove from usage due to abusiveness Or Un Just attacks on Brethren Or what ever the Offense was that occurred & It was Not Resolved reasonably. Which Would Mean that No one would be able to offend any One without at least being Given a chance to apologize to someone because of  Hurt Felt Feeling that they Receive From Someone’s Reply back concerning a Matter Or Situation..

I am sure that users would only have their access revoked after several warnings from P Clark or other moderators and the user showing no changes in their behaviour. If this is the case, they would definitely have opportunity to apologise.


I agree

I like this site.I said it four years and I keep it.


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