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It looks like the Health Message is taking hold on its own....
"What is plant-based meat? Here's a list of some of TODAY's favorite plant-based meat alternatives that taste, well, like meat!
  • Impossible Burger. ...
  • Beyond Meat Burger.
  • Beyond Sausage.
  • Lightlife Italian Sausage. ...
  • Abbot's Butcher "Chorizo"
  • Before the Butcher UNCUT Breakfast Sausage Patty. ...
  • Tyson's Raised & Rooted "Plant-Based Nuggets" ...

"If it looks like a burger, cooks like a burger and even tastes like a burger, it must be a burger, right? Well, not anymore.

"Burgers," made with plant-based ingredients instead of animal meat, have become a hot item in grocery stores and even fast food chains. The Beyond Burger — which Carl's Jr., the restaurant famous for its particularly meaty dishes with ads starring models, incorporated into its menu — and the Impossible Burger, adapted by Burger King as a new Whopper patty, are two examples of the trendy alternatives out there.

And unlike the fake meats that are often relegated into the vegan section, the newest crop of plant-based options are found in the meat aisle at your local supermarket. That's right, the meat aisle! These companies aren't just making food for vegans and vegetarians — they're coming after meat lovers."

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I don't like them too processed.  I do like A&W's veggie burger though it tastes good, but usually if I'm going to the city we just eat subway with a select group of veggies no sauce.  We do our best and forget the rest after we have fully confessed and repented as we are allowed to.  & Jesus will be with everyone in a special peaceful way to everyone who picks up his cross and counts the cost.  God is good He is coming & we must be ready at all costs.  He is trying to save my mom 73 yrs old.  When my dad cries out for God in the end which he might do I want God to save him.  I'm working very wisely to point him to Jesus.  He is fragil but he likes me a lot and I'm still leading him to Christ.  & my sister's only son is interested in God.  I have an Adventist cousin who graduated with me Cum Laude from Andrews University.  & of course my wife is trying her best with her heavy cross she has to bear everyday.  


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