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As crazy as it sounds I've been waiting to meet my soulmate since I was 16. I'm now on the verge of being 26. Why can't I find anything? I'm actually going into depression cause of this. What can I do to find a wife? It seems like nobody was born for me. I'm real sad.

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One day at a time.  Trust God.  We have a plan for when we'd be married but it's God who brings couples together.

I thought I would be married earlier but got married at 28, and probably started dating around 26.  So who knows.

But while you're single focus on the single life God has for you now.  Trust sometimes God wont transition us into married life because there are things he wants us to do as a single individual before we get married.  

But overall one day at a time and just ask God what is his will for you today.  When the day comes for you to meet a soulmate that's will be God's will that day.  But no need to jump the gun.


i have been thinking about this a long time

u have gotten two wonderful responses

in the last thread u made i shared some great Godly advice

i will reiterate a fragment

God calls u to be with Healthy men who have overcome or in process

(all are in process)

to be transparent in a safe environment

and being part of the Body  of Christ  of all kinds of people with that kind of fellowship

you are part of it

You n Jesus are together all the time.. every time

your good days and bad He is with you

you have to really believe that

it hinges on your soul

a Bigger picture with u in it

it wont take away skin hunger and affection for a Lady

but your mind will be set upon things above

it will help alot

alot alot


i dont know anything about u but what u shared here and in the other thread

and we dont know anything else but these two hungry threads

u gotta give us more

u dont have anyone face to face to share deeply of yourself?

or is this forum the only shot?

we know nothing

how is your inner life?

how is your heart towards GOD and His Church?

do u  stay away from temptation? joining a group of men with JESUS as the foundation will help affect change

is the lady u may meet getting quality upright material?

can she be Godly with a good personality?


Yes I do understand that it not on my time. It will be on God's time because his time is perfect. But I am only human. Of course I will over think and wonder if I'll ever meet the person of my life. The person I will share my life with forever. The person I will love forever. I'm 26 and statistics now show that most people start having kids at the age of 17 on average.
well u addressed none of the issues i brought up
and that is wonderfully your perogitive
but those statistics are not accurate and defiantly not SDA statistics
btw u dont want to be a statistic :P
and i know plentyof good Christians who havent married till the thirties and forties and a few till the fifties(very few)
u cannot compare yourself with anyone
what an awful way to live your life!
learn that now, my Brother!
yes we are all only human
what will it take for u to change your aspirations that u largely  have no control over?

Advice from an older man who was divorced.

Don't be in a hurry to get married.  Get to know God and yourself.  Explore the world if you can and with the help of God put your abilities to the test because there are many things that a married man can not do once he is married.  It is better to be alone than be with a selfish self centered women.  They are common in this world to day. Look for and ask for the women who is Christ like and do not focus on looks but on character.  To many times you find that the better looks the greater the character flaws, even so that is not always case but it is something to consider.

Stop looking, no one ever finds anyone when they are looking. When you let it go is when the right person walks into your life. Just let it go and focus your time and thoughts on things that matter to you, and try new things, trust me if you do that something surprising will bounce into your life.

well seeing more of Arturo responses irealize iwas barking up the wrong tree

sorry about that

yes Timber

we all have stories of finding someone special when not  looking

i myself find mine when  living the single life and loving it and no intention on settling down

"all I wanted and prayed for every single day was a wife"

Find your self something to do in the church.  I've been single a lot longer than you and having a ministry and purpose within the church has helped a lot.

A simple solution.  Get on an Adventist dating site.  Pick out women that seem compatible.  Correspond with them.  In time, you will find that the one's that are least interesting will fall by the wayside until you cull it down to one.  Also, unless you live in an Adventist ghetto, get used to the concept of a long distance relationship.  Be sure you can afford that kind of courtship.  The concept of 17 years olds having children is ridiculous, it is ill equipped children having children.  I got married at 26.  26 is not the new 50.  I also waited 5 years to have children. 

Yes Great Advice Heisenberg It seems like our friend has left the site, one wonders what scared him of? 

Isaac was 37 years old when he met Rebecca. So no worries.

Isaac was married at age 40. Where do you get 37 from?

Ah yes, my mistake. I apologize.


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