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Please pray for me, that God will give me the power to become a vegan.


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Hi Sorya,
You are to be complemented for your choice to become a vegan! Please know that you will be in my prayers.

May I ask if you need help with proper meal planing for a balenced diet as a vegan?

Your brother in Christ,
No, I don't have a problem with meal planning .I am becoming a vegan for the sake of my future kids.I don't want my girls to mature too fast.....:(

Annyong Haseyo Soriya!

that's a good reason for you to become a vegan,. however, like countryDoc said! you are complemented for your own choice... No matter how we pray for it but your choice and your will does not fit to become a vegan, i meant of not controlling yourself of eating flesh and dairy products... it wont be effective. I'm vegan for almost 5 years now, you know what? the only thing that push me to become a vegan, yes as what you have said for my future kids too... also, health awareness.. since i become adventist, i'm aware of my health, of how i gonna take care for it as if following how the Bible says "We must prosper in health too..". Many people says It's hard but for me is not, that's true... because i was complemented by my choice, second: i studied more about health science,nutrition and biochemistry so with that, my choice to become a vegan was getting more stronger than before, so i recommend you to do a lot of Health Education but still self-discipline is the best choice. I choose to become a vegan not to boast people,it is only me and my God knows how i gonna take care as a steward of my own body. i'm hoping it helps you. God bless.
5 years! You are very good Edison! Anyway, what is the relation between becoming a vegan and our future kids?
hey Boyon, its all about health... what we feed right now in our body has something to do our future genes... i mean to say, being vegan is not just being health conscious but to avoid any of the toxic chemicals from meat that was been raised in the poultry and todays hazardous environment that alter to our genes once we eat it.... and it will pass of course to our future child/ kids from our blood... how do you like it? Does this make sense to you? God bless
I will pray for you Soriya... Keep on looking towards God!
ok...why are u planning to began a vegan?
I want to be a vegan because...... I feel compassionate towards most animals....I feel bad for eating meat. I used to be a vegan...
I also don't want my future girl babies to grow up too fast.
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Soriya ... I will certainly pray that God will do His will in your life. Keep up the courage.
Awwww welcome to the Vegan side of Adventism :-) You will feel much more healthier once your body gets use to it. :-) I just recently switched and i feel like i am a teenager again. I'm sharp as a tac and all my little aches and pains are gone. I'll be praying for you :-)


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