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Please pray for me, that God will give me the power to become a vegan.


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Congradulations on your recent choice. You will be much healthier and happier. I have slowly become a vegan it was hard only for the simple fact that I was not educated on ways to perpare vegan foods. I went on a camping trip and learned from two vegan women ways to prepare good vegan entres. If you go they have a recipie archive, and in there you will find lots of vegan recipies. I am so glad to hear that you are thinking of you future children :-) I have a 3 year old and he too is vegetarian, Im working on vegan with him, but he prefers tofu and veggies over cheetos and cookies. He is much smarter than other children his age and he is vibrant and healthy. I will pray hard for your choice and please if you have any questions feel free to ask and together with God's help we can come up with vegan meals for you. Remember, life changes don't happen over night.
Chrissy, I am doing this because I don’t want my baby girls to develop too soon. I am trying to protect them from being sexual harassed. I want my girls to grow up to be healthy mentally and physically. Thanks, for commenting I appreciate it ...:).
Josh, I think I know what you mean . It feels good to be a vegan . I drink aloe vera juice and It helps me with wiht my aging ...LOL.
The best vegan food that I know if is ... Cedar Lake's Turkettes
Sounds like turkey...:).
we will pray for you.......


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