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My father has been diagnosed with schizophrenia. It's heartbreaking to think that this man who has stood so tall and strong all of my life is slipping into an alternate reality that neither mine nor my sisters smiles and hugs can get through too. He refuses to be treated for his condition, let alone admit there is a real problem with his thoughts and actions. Please pray that God can help us find the answer and the strength to help my father get the right help that he needs. This is a situation where only God can help us. Please pray for my father, Clarence Craigg, and my family.

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Yes...May GOD be with your father, stretch His healing hands and send His angels around him.

God bless your family too...

Those who know your name will trust in you, for you, LORD, have never forsaken those who seek you. Psalm 9:10 (NIV)
The Lord will minister good health into his life.
Thank you so much. It means a lot to our family that there are others out there that will keep my fathers well being in their prayers.



am just reading this now

and it is 2011

how is he doing

will pray for him as well


Hi Lehcar,


He actually has gotten worse in the past few months. His behavior is becoming more erratic and difficult to deal with. He hasn't crossed the line of violence as of yet but a few family members feel as though it will happen soon as he can be aggressive sometimes. But it is still taking a toll on our family especially my grandmother who can't bare to see how its affecting his relationship with his brothers and sisters.


I keep telling myself and my mom that as bad as this is its a part of God's plan. We don't understand why its happening now but one day we will. I pray all the time that it will end and a miracle will happen. That he will seek help or be cured on his own.


Are there any other members of your family that have schizophrenia and are you talking to someone who can help  you understand this?  I am not a mental health worker, but this disease has been in my family for five generations. Both my mother and brother have it and believe me it has not been easy. This is something that usually starts in the early 20's. Ask family members if your father went through any strange behavior in his twenties. It will reemerge throughout a person's life time, with each episode getting worse. These episodes are usually brought on by stress.  

My prayers are with you.


To be honest all my life he has been unusually strict and a bit paranoid. He always thought i was up to something bad despite the fact that I've always been a honour roll student and never got into any trouble. I guess we didnt see it as him being overly paranoid but just overly strict.

My grandpa has a sister who has the same disease. That's the only known cases in our family.

may the good lord have mercy on your family, lets just keep trusting him even if his condition worsens God will always be there on your side. i wish him a quick recovery.
Yes, I'll pray for him, and for all who love him.
Keep the faith. In the end, we will sing a song no one else can sing because of the great tribulation we come out of. Stay true and strong, Chandra, God BLESS!
Christian love,
In Jesus' Name, Amen!

I'm not a fan of psychiatry. It is a quack pseudoscience at best, and just someone's opinion at worse. (see:wikipedia: antipsychiatry)


Hope your dad gets it together!


am touched to have read this and i had the same condition for 4 years but by God's grace am enjoying my full health for 2 years now.

God's promises are many and sure your dad gonna be alright,claim His promises in Matthew 7:7.Be blessed and i wish him a quick recovery


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