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Pope Benedict XVI to resign - Telegraph, Pope Benedict XVI is to resign on February 28th, a Vatican sp...

I thought you'd like to know this:
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Pope Benedict XVI to resign - Telegraph
Pope Benedict XVI is to resign on February 28th, a Vatican spokesman has announced.

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I have read this on CNN and BBC..seems to be true, But I wonder if this resignation have any prophetic impact/meaning?!!

Well, there seems to me to be some goings on behind the scenes at the vatican from what I can gather.  The pope says he is getting too old and weak to fulfil his obligations as pope.  On one of the websites I have checked out on this it says he has had problems, as a German pope, with the vatican customs.  

There must be something sizeable to have caused this because popes normally continue until death, like the last pope.  Maybe time will tell!

Prophecy is fulfilling all around us these days so we need just to keep watching the events as they unroll!

God bless you each one.

First pope to resign since Gregory XII (1406 - 1415) .The prophecy of Malachy comes to mind considering that according to his vision,this next pope is the last .Petrus Romanus - Peter the Roman.

Interesting times either way.

I'm curious Barek,

in referring to "the prophecy of Malachy", are you referring to the prophecy of the St. Malachy [the Papal legate for Ireland] of the 1100's?

Yes,it's an interesting story.

Very curious to see what's next.

Personally, I expect that the next Pope will come and go, and that with him will go the unfortunate application of Revelation 17. "Five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come..." To me, that has always been a desperate  'clutching at straws', and the sooner it runs it's course, and is over, the better. (But as I say, my personal view.)

Thanks David,

those that see the current Pope as the end of the line for the Papacy may have another month or so of anticipation, before a successor is elected to his office.

I think the old classic story about "crying wolf" is very applicable to us as a people. Every time the cry is heard [and then comes to nothing], people ARE affected, even if only sub-consciously. And when the real call is made, many people will be all-too-ready to write it off, partly because so many false alarms will have preceded it.


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