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Pope Francis Calls On US Authorities To Disarm The Population

Pope Francis has called for a gun ban in the US, urging authorities to confiscate all weapons, and using Twitter to preach the New World Order doctrine that citizens should not have the right to personally defend themselves against evil.

Interesting comments from the Pope

Pope Francis has called for a gun ban in the US, urging authorities to confiscate all weapons, and has begun using Twitter to preach the New World Order doctrine that individuals should not have the right to personally defend themselves against evil.

The Pope’s comments come as Second Amendment experts warn the United Nations are launching their most serious attempt yet to ban all privately owned firearms in the United States and other countries.

These inflammatory statements are merely the latest in a lengthy series of disturbing announcements by the Jesuit Pope and have sparked fears that he is the false prophet warned about in holy scripture and prophecy.

In July Pope Francis told the Italian newspaper La Repubblica that the United States of America has “a distorted vision of the world” and Americans must be ruled by a world government, as soon as possible, “for their own good.”

The week before the Pope also called for “a one world government” and “political authority”, arguing that the creation of a one world government is needed to combat major issues such as “climate change.”

Speaking with Ecuador’s El Universo newspaper, the Pope said that the United Nations doesn't have enough power and must be granted full governmental control for the good of humanity.

The globalization movement cannot be underestimated. It is the process of transitioning the world into a single state ruled by a global government while eroding the rights of the individual and taking away our freedoms. World religious leaders, led by the increasingly anti-Christian Pope Francis, are playing a leading role in this great deception.

Every totalitarian government in the twentieth century began its rule by disarming the population. There is a direct correlation between the desire to confiscate guns from law-abiding citizens and the desire to form an authoritarian government ruling over a weak and powerless population.

By joining the anti-gun chorus, and ignoring the fact that our founding fathers fought for freedom from a tyrannical and abusive government.Pope Francis has shown his cards again. He does not have American interests at heart. He stands on the side of tyranny and totalitarianism.

David Rockefeller famously said that a “global crisis” would have to occur before the people of the world would be willing to accept a New World Order. Sure enough, when the world economy suffered a dramatic crash in 2008, world leaders again proclaimed the need for a New World Order with global financial control.

As demonstrated by Pope Francis, the global elites are now determined to push for gun control in the United States, as a key step in their attempt to march humanity towards unified totalitarian imprisonment. The global elite is also determined to dismantle Christian belief in the west.

Close observers of Pope Francis will have noticed he is determined to steer his flock away from Jesus Christ. The pontiff who held Islamic prayers in the Vatican, and later warned his followers not to enter into a personal relationship with Jesus, is a ravenous wolf disguised as a white sheep.

Last year Pope Francis was caught on radio attempting to steer his flock away from Jesus Christ, telling listeners that “Jesus turned into Satan”.

Accusing Jesus of “debasing himself up to the point of totally annihilating himself”, Pope Francis spread Satanic doctrine further when he said that Jesus Christ “made himself the devil, the serpent, for us,” according to L’Osservatore Romano, the daily newspaper of the Vatican.

The heretical statement by Pope Francis comes after he broke with centuries of Christian tradition last year, telling a crowd of 33,000 Catholics in Rome that “a personal, direct, immediate relationship with Jesus Christ” must be avoided at all costs.

Having a personal relationship with Jesus is dangerous and very harmful,” the pope said during the June 25 speech, raising fears that he is the false prophet foretold in holy scripture and prophecy.

The Jesuit Pope is a leading player in the plot to usher in a New World Order, determined to mislead his flock while serving the global cabal.

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Yes, true Bart I never thought about it that way but now when you mention it I think you are right about that conclusion. 

Sometimes I see you as rather harsh but the truth is you are a thinking, rational person accepting truth and criticism. God says come let us reason together.  That does of mean an echo chamber of like mind emotional hipsters giving out virtue signals.  

Maybe I am harsh but it is only when provoked. I know I should not but I find it hard to refrain. As you may have noticed both Reasoning and JohnB has pulled me up about it. 


People are really into Glock.   I have not purchased or shot a Glock.  I will have to see what all the fuss is about.  I hear they are more safe than 1911.  Well I better not get this off subject :)


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