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"The Florida Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists tells FOX 35 they do not consider receiving the vaccine in any form to violate restrictions against consuming pork since it is not eaten. The Orlando based conference also believes the possibility that the vaccine could save a life outweighs any possible objections based on religious doctrine."
Definitely not. Taking the vaccines is not an option. This is where our faith is being tested. We should have chosen a long time ago as SDA christians whom we will serve and trust God. Jehovah Jirah says it all. Let's stand firm in our belief and see the power of God.
But... you don't eat vaccines. It's only chemicals.
Dangerous chemicals like mercury that adheres to your DNA.
We need to get educated on the vaccine agenda for the end days.
Try Len Horowitz and Sherri Tenpenny
Do you have a reliable source?
Listen to Dr. Tenpenny's interviews
No ... I was asking for a 'reliable' source. Can you give us one?
I had heard that too, there is some info that had been sent to me about a lot of this. Mercury? Porcine? Yeah.... no. Not only that but that vaccine is mostly untested. Trustworthy? Hardly.
It's made like any other vaccine. The only difference is that it's using a new flu strain. Everything else is the same. And the amount of mercury in the vaccine is very low and most people get more than that in their diet if they eat a tuna sandwich.
The porcine gelatin is not an intrinsic part of the vaccine as some might think- "swine flu, therefore pork in vaccine"... it is an additive used to enhance the storage quality of the vaccine. I'm sure they can come up with a better additive... in my guess it might have something to do with cost control or something to that effect. It is interesting to see that this news article sounds very apologetic and even sympathetic to those who would not for religious reasons accept this vaccine with the porcine gelatin. This is why I believe the Florida conference spoke out of line and jumped the gun to answer this in behalf of Adventists. Who gave them this authority? We should stand up as a church for the principles of the Bible or wither and fall at the slightest hint of being regarded as "different".... That is the issue here... I wonder how the Florida Conference would react to a Sunday law?!
The Florida Conference has the authority to speak for the Florida Conference. They do not speak for any other conference.
True, but in the article it sounded like they were talking for Adventists in general... I think they should have deferred to the General Conference...


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