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I see no references for any of their claims. For a website claiming to bring "Good news about God", they seem to be focusing on a lot of bad news about the Illuminati and other such crazy myths.

And yes, I am amazed... at how gullible people are. We should have faith in God and not run around screaming because everyone's out to get us.
Travis look at Walter Veith lectures sometime.
There have always been two classes of people for the ones in power.
The ones at the top are the "illumined ones" and the ones who will usher in "Lucifers" recreation of the world. The only ones who deserve to live. The rest are cattle, sheep and goyim. This is Babylonian and has been with us since the beginning and especially after the flood at the tower of Babel when they were setting up world government, God chose to spread them out in mercey so their knowlege would not destroy mankind again. You should do more research and trust more in the older generation. You are not being lead astray.
Did you know our own government blew up the World Trade Center?
America sealed their fate on that day. the economy will never recover. We are on a slow downward spiral that will humble America at the end and surprise many who didnt give time to prepare. Even Ellen White said America would be humbled in the dust. Our leaders are not trusted servants working for the goyim. They're working for world government and total control of the masses.
Space here doesnt permit a proper study of the subject but rest assure Vaccines will play a major part in disabling people in the end days.
"Did you know our own government blew up the World Trade Center?"

Please stick to real facts and not unprovable conspiracy theories.
Ppl am so shock that I don’t even know what to say, but it’s indeed the last days and satan is working over time to snatch lives, am going to share this information will all my friends
Oh NO. Please don't do that. For certain we don't need anymore rumors going around based on twisted unknowledgeable information. This is a hoax. It is far better to be informed than to be frightened with conspiracy theories.
Seriously, we can't base our decisions on rumors and scare tactics. Everyone has an opinion...on what evidence do you choose one opinion over the other? What about facts about the vaccine? And no facts don't come from random websites that try to scare you. The vaccine is either a killed vaccine (in the shots) so it can NOT make you sick from the flu - OR - it is a live attenuated virus (nasal mist) which also isn't able to make someone sick from the flu. It merely helps your body develop antibodies to the virus so you don't get it.
I am of the opinion IF you decide to have this vaccine to get the shot instead of the live virus. Seriously... it doesn't take a genius to understand that the live virus not only increases your risk of getting the flu, but you are infecting those around you when you sneeze... etc. you are acting as a carrier.

I've never had the flu shot and never will....

I believe it makes people sick more than help them... the Canadian govt. research showed that the regular flu shot made people more susceptible to swine flu so they discontinued it! I will look for the news report I read this from... I don't have it on hand
I take the flu shot each year. And I seem to be doing fine. I feel it really helps me avoid getting sick.
Whether you choose to get it or not is your choice, and that's fine.

But you said "I believe it makes people sick more than help them" -- do you have any data to back this up?
Adina with all due respect?
Vaccine damaged people are all around us.
I can send you lots of data to back it up if you're willing to do the research.
Yes, vaccines can damage us. There IS a risk involved. It is a very small risk. It is a much smaller risk than the more risky decision to not take a vaccine. So neither course of action is completely safe and risk free. But the facts are that vaccines save thousands and thousands of human lives DAILY. Yes, someone will sometimes die because of an adverse reaction to a vaccine. But that small risk is well worth taking in the final risk assessment.

Are you suggesting you would not take a malaria vaccine when being exposed to malaria? How about smallpox? (...which killed 30% of the people - many millions each year - who were infected with it before it was eradicated by... vaccine!) Polio? Even tetanus? You realize the people used to die all the time from simply stepping on rusty nails and getting tetanus, right? Not anymore. We have tetanus vaccines now.

Vaccines are a good thing. I'll give you the link to the Wired article again:
Good Point Adina.


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