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there r things we can differ on. but when it comes to matters of principle or doctrine we must be united in our position even if it means supressing our personal views.
Aren't ALL things matter of principle or doctrine?
nope. if one day you wand to eat rice but ur wife prefers something else that is a matter of choice and preference, not principle or doctrine.
I agree with travis last comment.
Forgive me if this is too long but this is a letter sent to a Homeopathic Dr. Sheri Nakken
it just came to my inbox this morning.

Nov 11, 2009 8:27 pm (PST)

Dear Sheri
First of all, I am so very sorry about your son. Unfortunately I have a feeling, (no ... I know) he is just one among hundreds of thousands, some still in the womb even. What you need to know Hon is that the Mercury is just one among many several other toxic chemicals that are in those vaccines. And this is just a personal thought, I don't believe that the Death Jab is in every single vaccine. That would be too obvious. And this running out of the vaccine, I do believe is just another scare tactic to cause people to line up when a fresh batch does come in. My husband and I have been studying this Flu Case for months now and the things we have found out are more than enough to cause both of us to have many a sleepless nights. One thing I am CERTAIN of is this: 'THE VIRUS IS IN THE VACCINE!' What you're looking at here is Bio-Warfare on a global scale.
This is a brain child of the Rockefeller and the Rothschilds, along with the Bilderburg Group (The Worlds Super Rich) and the World Bankers. They are backed by and have the full support of the WHO, the CDC, the FBI, CIA and all many more other organizations that are suppose to care and supposed to be looking out for us. Oh yes! They struck a deal with the Devil! They had a summit on the Swine Flu back in 2005. 2005? That would be like having a summit on the events of 9/11 five years before it happened. Those LIVE virus's did not walk out of BAXTER'S labs on their own two feet. What is happening now was planned almost 5 years ago. You can Thank The United Nations for putting their stamp of approval on this PROJECT too!
I have been researching those (edit) for over 10 years now and Sis, they are PURE EVIL! Nothing good comes from these people ... nothing. They signed contracts with Baxter, as well as all of the other Big Pharmaceutical Companies that regardless of the death toll and the maimed, they could not be sued for damages. Does that not sound Sinister to you. They have no regard for life or the quality of anyone's life. Their aims is TO ELIMINATE as many of us as they can! And those who don't die outright are going to be so Neurologically damaged that they cannot think or care for themselves Even FEMA has it's own special police task force ready to kill us if necessary. There will be Martial Law! We won't see them emerge until the people figure out what's going on and the RESISTANCE/REVOLT KICKS INTO FULL GEAR. And get this ... you being a minister, this will really make the hairs on the back of your neck stand at attention. In Europe they are
calling this PROJECT EU-666 and here in the states it is called PROJECT-666. The word 'PROJECT' alone bothers me, but when they put then put the numbers 666 behind it ... red neon flags went off in my head!
I don't know if you have been to this site yet, but if not, it is truly worth spending some time on ... and be sure to read the archives too. A whole lot is explained in those archives! The lady who created the site is a Christian woman in Austria. She was a Medical Journalist when she came upon some papers she wasn't supposed to see. When she came forward with these documents, she was immediately fired from her Job. A very well respected, world renowned Journalist, fired from her job with no reason given her. She went on and did an hour long interview because none of the main stream media wanted anything to do with her. Big shocker since the media is owned by those Sinister financial Merchants of Death, or as I call them, THE MOD SQUAD. The first time I went to her site, there was 234 people on her site. When I logged on earlier, there was close to 3000 people on her website. David Vs. Goliath! The word is getting out via
Grass Roots.
In closing, just thought you'd find this interesting. Last week a 5th grade school teacher, one who worked out regularly and had no underlying illnesses, took the H1N1 vaccine before she went to teach her class that day, wanting to be sure she was doing all she could to protect her students. Five hours later, she collapsed in front of her students and by the time the EMT'S arrived, approximately 15 minutes later, she was pronounced Dead on the scene. This hit the news only ONCE and then we never heard another word about it. This is way odd considering that there is so little news around here that they start repeating the newscast 10 minutes into the 1/2 hour news show, yet the death of this much beloved, 28 year old teacher was announced ONCE and was PULLED from the broadcast before the reruns stated!
if you check out her youtube video, it is called PROJECT CAMELOT. iT IS ALMOST AN HOUR LONG, BUT WELL WORTH THE TIME IT TAKES TO WATCH IT.. (Sorry about the caps) I do that a lot.
Also ... have you questioned all of the heavy duty Neurological drugs being prescribed to our children? A 2 year old child is supposed to be overly active. That's what they are, a ball of energy. But they have 2 year old children being diagnosed with ADD and are even labeled as being Bi-polar? So they put them on drugs that turn their little minds to mush. There is a thing in the Jr. High Schools called TEEN SCREEN. And regardless of how they answer the questions, they will be diagnosed as being mentally ill and in need of being treated with heavy, duty drugs! They cannot beat this test. One girl, after taking this test, had an unmarked van come to her school and take her away. For 6 months, she was restrained numerous times and injected with drugs. What drugs? Nobody knows because nobody is talking. For 6 months. her parents had no idea where their daughter was and was not allowed ANY communication with her at all! You should see the before
and after pictures of this poor girl! She was a stunning 15, year old young, beautiful, vivacious girl with a beautiful smile. ( A straight A student I might add.) When her parents got her back, she didn't even look like the same girl she was 6 month before. She didn't smile anymore. All she did was cry. a girl who was in no way suffering from any manner of depression, although they deemed her suicidal and had a van waiting to restrain her, take her off and dope her up. Prior to her abduction, she was a Jr. Cheerleader, she was on the Chess team, involved in numerous sport activities and an all around very popular student. Now? She has no Social Life, nor does she want one. She is home schooled because she can;t 'handle' being around people. She suffers from Severe Migraine Headaches, her periods are extremely irregular and she had gained at least 40lbs. She said in one day alone, she received 27 injections and was FORCED to swallow a cap
FULL of pills 9 times in one day. After a few days, she said she was so doped up, she couldn't keep count anymore. She said she was surrounded by children between 12 and 19 years of age who had no life what-so-ever in them; walking around, pulling their I.V. carts moving as a person 90 years of age would move, some were so drugged that all they could do was sit in a wheelchair and drool on themselves and urinate where they sat. They could not talk, at all, they couldn't even focus on someone long enough to understanding what they were saying, let alone respond to anyone!
I could not help but sob as I watched this interview with her parents and see the shell of a person she had become in just 6 months. Someone could have raped her live on camera and IF she knew what was happening to her, she was in no condition to put up any resistance. Her parents said since they got her back, they have been under constant surveillance by a group of cars with tented windows and radio antennas attached. They cannot even go to the store without being followed while another unit guards their home. I wonder what the name of this Government Project is?
This would explain all of the teenagers that are found wondering around the streets, no idea who they are, where home is and have no explanation as to where they have been, recognize no one and can do little more than babble and drool...and guess where this gets them? Admitted into another Mental Hospital. Girls and boys alike.
It is as though they abduct these children, do God only knows what to them that turns their minds to mush. have their way with them again and again and then turn them back onto the streets to wonder around until they catch the attention of someone who calls the Authorities think I have said enough

____________ _________ _________ __
From: Sheri Nakken
Sent: Wed, November 11, 2009 11:56:50 AM
Subject: [no-forced-vaccinat ion] Unadjuvanted Glaxo H1N1 approved in US
They pulled off 911 they can certainly implement a pandemic to rid the world of "useless eaters, goyim and cattle" as they call us. and lets not think we are so special that only sabbath keepers will be killed in the last days. The New World Order agenda is to kill of 80% of mankind but we who know the bible would maybe project more like 1/3 before they're plan gets interrupted. Either way it doesnt really matter the thing we should keep in mind is how this could easily create such chaos it we would be begging for a sunday law, savior or a man wearing a dress.
This is how close I think we are to last day events becoming reality.
I remember I was in adventist singles back in 2006 and we were warning people of an economic collapse and it wasnt taken seriously. then 2008 and now what do we see?
A lot of my pasts are from Walter Veith lectures..
What Biblical and FACTUAL evidence do you have for these theories? These conspiracy theories are designed to take away our peace in Christ and make us afraid and not have simple faith in God.
You must be very fearful. Now I know why ... you are listening to Walter Veith. There in lies your problems. Put your trust in God. Fear not. For HE will be with you. I would encourge you to not spend time on these conspiracy theories. Focus on the life of Jesus.
This is always the common reply most christians use as they learn how near we are to the end. It's always met with denial because I agree it is very shocking and takes time to understand and accept. This should not be a time of fear if we prepare our hearts.
Please don't believe it. You should always ask for evidence and not just believe everything you hear.
"One thing I am CERTAIN of is this: 'THE VIRUS IS IN THE VACCINE!'"

Um... yeah. This person obviously has no idea how vaccines work.

And I'd really like to see some REAL evidence for children being kidnapped and drugged by the government. Why on earth would the government let these people tell everyone what happened? They'd lock up the whole family if they were really doing anything like that. This sounds like a bunch of hogwash. I can see that you believe everything you read... except from reliable sources.


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