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Pork by product in swine flu vaccine

Updated: Thursday, 15 Oct 2009, 7:27 PM EDT
Published : Thursday, 15 Oct 2009, 5:34 PM EDT

* By TOM JOHNSON | FOX 35 News

FOX 35 has discovered that the H1N1, swine flu vaccine contains an ingredient that raises questions whether its use is permissible under certain religious, dietary laws. The Jewish, Muslim and Seventh-Day Adventist faiths all forbid members from consuming pork. The ban is based on scripture.

FOX 35 found that the swine flu mist and injectable vaccine both contain something called hydrolyzed porcine gelatin. The Centers for Disease Control confirms that the ingredient is a pork by-product used to promote temperature stability… and allow for refrigerated storage.

Rabbi David Kay presides over Orlandos Congregation Ohev Shalom. Rabbi Kay says the gelatins existence in the swine flu shot is not a problem under Jewish, Kosher laws since it is injected and not swallowed. However, Kay says the issue is a little more complex with the mist. Because the mist is taken through the nasal passages, there is a chance some vaccine could drip into the throat and be consumed. The Rabbi says while it is not technically being eaten, some may have objections due to the presence of the hydrolyzed porcine gelatin. Kay further says that when the preservation of human life is at issue, Kosher laws do not apply anyway and this would seem to be the case with the vaccine.

The Florida Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists tells FOX 35 they do not consider receiving the vaccine in any form to violate restrictions against consuming pork since it is not eaten. The Orlando based conference also believes the possibility that the vaccine could save a life outweighs any possible objections based on religious doctrine.

FOX 35 also contacted the national headquarters of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. A spokesperson told us by phone that they were unaware of the presence of hydrolyzed porcine gelatin in the swine flu vaccine and will need to investigate further before commenting..

Everyone we spoke with believes that despite the fact that the swine flu vaccine does not technically violate dietary laws, some people will still avoid being inoculated with it based on religious objections.

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This is a fascinating question. Whatever one decides, I admire the faith of one who declines the vaccine based on God's prohibition of contact with pork. But seems they are also prepared for whatever eventualities on the premise that God will take care.......
It is a divine act to walk by faith and not by sight.
ALL Caps?? I DONT SEE ALL Caps and even if I did it would make no difference sir Micheal . large print just makes it easier for me to see . so YOU CAN sue me.. if I use. a few caps here and their.. I dont remember seeing in the bible that writing with Caps is a sin have you?? . SINCE the Court system too is going bananas You just may win. . SINCE when is asking To be found asking God to keep us faithful during difficult times a SIN?
Jehovah witness go to extremes and stretch the truth to avoid what they percieve to be Sin , withhold a blood transfusion for their child and other medical presedures fully acceptable by biblical standards ,can we that know what truth is do less for what really is the will of God for us.?. Are we to be presumptions and assume if we know what God says is wrong that as long as it is fo a good reason It is no longer Sin if we choose to follow another path ?? . I not a skilled writer I not a theoligian by any means either but then again neither were any of the prophets God chose to use.
Grr.. I Get s ooo angry and irritated at myself for allowing myself to getupset at the injustices Isee in at my job not only towards myself but others at work too .. .. SEE?? I be soo imperfect!!
By the way, if Baby Fae had lived and grown into a healthy, happy, Christian adult, would that change anyone's opinion?
That's just an ordinary flu shot. And of course occasionally someone will get it; I'm surprised the rate isn't higher. You're injecting flu viruses into your body, after all. Time will tell how many people get swine flu because they didn't get immunized.
Okay, understood. :D
John, that was a regular flu shot not the swine flu.
What about the fact that there is some alcohol in almost every drug?
If you're going to take it ... make sure you pray a blessing over it.
The non-SDA ones ... can just wear Jeans. What a breath of fresh air ... to not put on aires.
How do they put alcohol, which is liquid, into a little dry pill? :hm:
ok let me give this a shot ok?? now it is my belief that alcohol it gets into the Blood by absorption very fast am I correct/. So by adding a litle alcohol the medicine or drug it gets absorbed all the more quickly ..correct me if I be wrong . U can eat the wrong amounts of foods or combinations (not sure now just now ) and it too can create alcohol in your blood stream.
I remember reading a conducted study by a known dietician an sestablished medical DR, and helath euthiests that wanted to prove by eating improperly this can cause alcohol to be asobsorbed into the blood stream without touching a drop of alcohol .
Hi guys. I recieved this email and thought you might find this interesting. See what you think..................

I Googled Dr. Russell Blaylock and he has a lot more to say about all this!
I thought Id share with you. This is a health alert from Russell concerning swine flu.
Dr. Russell Blaylock graduated from Ouachita Parish High School in 1963.
I've attached a bio on his professional credentials.

No one should take the swine flu vaccine. It is one of the most dangerous vaccines ever devised.
It contains an immune adjuvant called squalene (MF-59) which has been shown to cause severe
autoimmune disorders such as MS, rheumatoid arthritis and Lupus. This is the vaccine adjuvant
that is strongly linked to the Gulf War syndrome, which killed over 10,000 soldiers and caused a
200% increase in the fatal disease ALS (Lou Gehreg disease). This virus H1N1 kills by causing a
cytokine storm, which means that it cause the bodys immune system to overreact and that is
why it is killing young people and is a mild disease in the elderly. (The elderly have weakened
immune systems.) This vaccine is a very powerful immune stimulator and carries the real
possibility of making the lethality of the virus much greater. Ones best protection is vitamin D3.
One should take 5000 IU a day now and when the disease begins to spread increase the dose to
15,000 IU a day. Vitamin D3 modulates the immune reaction, reducing the chance of an
overreaction and stimulates the body to produce what are called antimicrobial peptides, which
are powerful killers of viruses that does not involve immunity. This is dose related, which means
the higher the dose of vitamin D3 the better the protection. Fish oils (the best is Carlsons
Norwegian lemon flavored fish oil) also reduce immune overreaction. One teaspoon a day should
be sufficient. For severe symptoms, one teaspoon twice a day. Antioxidants of various kinds also
help. This includes, quercetin, curcumin, grapeseed extract, vitamin C and natural vitamin E.
A good multivitamin/mineral such as Extend Core ( is also essential.
Feel free to spread this around. People need to know how to protect themselves.


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