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1/19/18: 2:28 PM; I received a phone call from a believer who was up all night with stomach pains from eating too much, and still had the problem. I asked if she wanted prayer. She said yes.

I prayed for the problem as inspired, for the food to go out of the stomach and the pain to go away.

Immediately I was told that the swelling went down and the pain had also gone away.

That's a gift of healing and a miracle all in one from God through faith.

I don't care what the critics, naysayers, gainsayers and fools say about it. If someone was raised from the dead they would say it was Satan's work. Go ahead and ignorantly blaspheme, it will be part of the account you have to make before Jesus Christ. I will boast about God, He empowered it, I just did as inspired.

The fools that say that telling others of God's deliverance, manifestations is of the Devil or boasting, you don't believe God. Signs, miracles and wonders follow those that believe, including the sign of speaking in tongues that many of you despise.

All you have to do is believe, trust and listen to God and receive or assist someone else. God always wants to heal, His desire to heal equals His ability to heal.


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Yes James God does listen to prayers, but really how can God listen to you who are blatantly denying Gods word, and denying His commandments, God knows you understand this so I cannot see how God can bless your prayer. My take on this is that the woman had been led to eating too much by the devil and the miracle you did was just the devil reversing the evil he had done. 

You are denying God's grace and power. You think you are perfect.You are always pointing the finger at everyone. Like I predicted and said, go ahead and blaspheme, it will be part of your account to Jesus Christ.

Its time you look at how you treat others and what outrageous things you say about them, false and hurtful judgments and accusations, assumptions, and putting words and beliefs to them that they do not believe, even accusing me of being involved in Kundalini spirits, the Charismatic movement, sodomy, etc. that I do not agree with or are involved in whatsoever.

I have talked privately with people here who don't think your even SDA by the way you act. They don't like your ways and outrageous statements.

"Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!" Isaiah 5:20

You are so bitter and mean, it is astounding. You can only think about your judgments and not even considered the woman who is a believer asking for help, in pain and was up all night. She ate too much. Everyone but you apparently has done that I suppose. Your attitude is heartless.

Unfortunately, you fit to a tee the Pharisee mind. To sin is to miss the mark, you appear to be missing compassion, love of God and believing God. Your just like the Pharisees who accused Jesus of healing by the Devil, but could care less about the man that was healed, not praising God for the deliverance that a son of Israel had been healed. And by the way, the Pharisees attended every holy convocation there was, tithed even their herbs, scrupulously kept all the ordinances, but they did not love their neighbors as themselves, and thought they were better than everyone else, those dirty sinners they judged. Well we are all dirty sinners.

The Pharisees also did not love God, because if you don't love others you cannot love God. You also cannot love others if you are bitter and don't love yourself. I think Hell would be spending a day with you.

James, you are demon possessed and as soon anyone calls you out for what you are you say the one who dares call you out is demon possessed. You are a pathological liar as has been proven here many times. 


You are evil minded, opposed to God's spirit and its manifestations, and you show no love for others or grace. You can take your law and die in it spiritually. For it cannot bring salvation.

I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ, you speak evil of good things, being foolish and ignorant.

James, let us turn this around, You pretend to have God's Spirit while in fact, you are demon possessed. Yes, I understand you think you are saved by Grace and so you are, The problem is that you think you can disobey God's Law that is an Expression of his Love. A typical happy clapper view.


You blaspheme the holy spirit and its manifestations. I have warned you many times.

James, yes indeed you have warned me and I do not believe you because you are not a genuine Christian as the fruits of the flesh are attesting. At best you follow your own misguided Ideas that lead you down the road of no return. At worst you are demon possessed and in that way, you are lost to the devil. you may well believe you are working for God, as is the Pope but in reality, he is working for the devil. You need a reality check. 


James, The ethics shown by the gospel shows no standard other than the perfection of God’s mind and God’s will. God requires from us His creatures conformation to His will. The imperfection of character is a sin, and sin is the transgression of His law. Everyone who receives Christ as his personal Saviour has the privilege to possess these attributes. Through God His Son, God has revealed what man is capable of attaining. Lying and other fruits of the flesh God can't condone. We need to ask Gods forgiveness for our sins.   

Praise God!

Thanku for sharing!

God is so good to us!

Thanks MFG. Yes God is good.

LUKE 9:49-50  

Romans 8:28 - And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

Just keep praising!  Thankful for the blessing!


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