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I posted this in a group forum but I'm going to post here as well so more people see it, hope that it is OK...

Most of you don't know me, I have been a member for a long time and though I don't post much I am here in the background reading all I can.

I'm asking for my Mom ( Audrey ) to be lifted up in prayer. She is in the hospital ICU with pneumonia and her blood pressure is VERY low. ...God's will be done

Thanks so much

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Sister Roxanne,

I do pray that you be lifted up and given peace during this most difficult time.  I have prayed about your situation and ask that God bless you and your mother.  I am sorry that you are experiencing this situation.

Praying  for  your  mom.

May God bless you Roxane I will pray for your mother

Praying for her and for you to stay strong.

Thank you so much Heisenberg, Water Lilly, Ian and DJ. It means so much to know she is being lifted up. Keep those prayers coming please. And if you would, please include the hospital staff in your prayers. The compassion level of most of the staff is zilch :-(

...Yesterday was one of the hardest days of my life seeing my mom's pain and not being able to relieve it. Her blood pressure is so low they can only give her Tylenol because the strong stuff lowered her blood pressure way too low....she is really suffering. She has a very high tolerance to pain, once when I was much younger she took a fall and broke her pelvis, didn't even cry and told everyone she was just fine, next day had to have emergency surgery because she had internal bleeding from the break. Not one tear through it all, but yesterday she cried and cried and the only thing she could say was "Please Dear Jesus help me..." over and over. It is just ripping my heart out to see her go through this. My mom (Audrey) is the sweetest person I have ever known. Never have I heard an unkind word come out of her mouth. She has lived the best example of a Christian life I have ever witnessed, her faith is strong and so is mine.

....just as I was writing this my daughter called (we are sharing hospital shifts so someone is always with her day and night) with more bad news. She has contracted MRSA from the hospital....NOT good. On my way there now....this is so hard :-(

will pray for her roxanne

Thanks again everyone, we really need those prayers.

...she is still critical but hanging in there. If we do pull her through this the Dr.s say she will never get back to baseline, they don't realize she has another physician on the case, The Great Physician.

No sleep, toxins and drugs in her body have her very out of it, and she is so weak you can tell it saps her energy just to say yes or no, but last night when I was trying to get her relaxed to sleep a little I was singing Jesus Loves Me by her ear and she started singing along with me, we must have sung that song 20 times over. Sure took me by surprise and made me very happy to have her respond like that.

Update...prayers please...

My mom is hanging in there. has left ICU but still critical. So weak she can't drink or feed herself. So we pray and wait. I told her people all over the world are praying for her and she smiled...even a smile takes more energy than she has to spare but she understood and smiled.

Many thanks to all who are keeping her in your prayers

Will lift your mom up Roxanne. God is good!


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