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I am your average blue collar guy that became an SDA a few years ago.  Having grown up in both a Charismatic home and evangelical home I have heard many things about what the future holds all of which I rejected as un-Biblical according to that belief system. Now with a new president I am hearing at least 3 divergent  views by Seventh Day Adventist as to what is going to happen.  I am a little shocked by this because for quite some time when I started my studies, it seemed quite clear when you read Revelations 13 as to what is going to happen with the nation I am currently living in.  You listen to what the Pope is currently saying and what the Catholic church has been saying over the past few years and it seems even more clear.  It is as if most of the SDA church as been asleep and now that there was a shocking election, NOW things are going to happen? They have been happening for many years I just do not think people have been paying attention. Did it take an election before God could act? I find the idea arrogant. I have thought and been taught that we as a church, we need to be ready.

Below is the most balanced view on current events. It is to bad that some do not like Mr. Veith.

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Exactly JohnB. Why are we not seeing the bigger picture? Nobody can see the manipulation in a two party system?  It seems the dumbing down of the youth in public schools has even had an influence on Adventists who do not have a healthy skepticism of what they read and hear in the news.  Don't they know the devil controls the media?


You’re not an apolitical person, I’ve read some of the thing you’ve said. You would probably call Jesus a leftist, he was a social revolutionary who believed in social justice. He also spoke against the religious fundamentalist of his day.

Woe to you, scribes (bible thumper) and Pharisees (religious nuts), you hypocrites! You are like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside, but on the inside are full of dead men’s bones and every impurity. 28In the same way, you appear to be righteous on the outside, but on the inside you are full of hypocrisy and wickedness.…

Gene seems like you are a pretty good "bible thumper" yourself promoting H W Armstrong doctrines. None here on this site subscribes to those. 

Elijah you read my mind.  It is interesting that Armstrong is thought of as a nationalist and a racist.  I have no idea if it is true and I am not going to waste the time to find out.

Was EGW racist? I would venture to say that she was, I mean American history is rooted in racism.

I think being a true Christian and a racist is impossible.  It would have made her a hypocrite and God would not have used her as he did if that were so. Her son lead an evangelism campaign in the deep South and appealed to all people. I do not think she was a racist at all.  I think she had real concerns and possibly fears as a person during the American slavery era as anyone would. I think she advised as such.


I think being a true Christian doesn’t mean that one is free from the social baggage that has polluted their thinking. I find it hard to think or reason out that any white person in America during that time didn’t believe that they were better as a person and in the sight of God than the African among them.

  Some may not have believed in slavery, but I’m willing to bet they wouldn’t have traded places.

The idea that a Christian can’t be racist is naiveté to say the least.  The grandest act of Christianity is to recognize these things a repent.


Not once have I ever mentioned H.W Armstrong, you and Raymond seem to know more about him than I do.

Gene it is true you have not mentioned his name, why would you? As you are here on false pretences it would be foolish to break your cover would it not? The tings you say comes directly from H W Armstrong's doctrines. 

E G White was not a racist many like you have tried to place that label on her. If you take the trouble to read her books you will not find one racist sentence there. 


Let me clearly say, it doesn’t matter to me if EGW was or was not a racist, my only point is that it (racism) is something that is rooted in the American experience and given the times it would not be unlikely that she was not or did not harbor some racial superiority view.  But like you I didn’t know her, I’m basically looking at the probability.

I’m not here under false pretense, my world view now differ from that of your.


Seeing that you do not know and have not read her books I find it most unfair that you would slap the label racist on her. 

It is a bit like saying that everyone in Hitlers Germany was all Natzis. While many where there was some who was not and  even some had to pay with their lives for that point of view. 

"But there is an objection to the marriage of the white race with the black. All should consider that they have no right to entail upon their offspring that which will place them at a disadvantage; they have no right to give them as a birthright a condition which would subject them to a life of humiliation. The children of these mixed marriages have a feeling of bitterness toward the parents who have given them this lifelong inheritance. For this reason, if there were no other, there should be no intermarriage between the white and the colored race." Ellen White, Manuscript 7, 1896. Selected Messages Book 2, page 343, paragraph 2


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