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Perhaps we could have a section for people to post these long blogs of information. It seems like a sermon and I just usually skip over them. But they are a bother when I come to a "discussion forum" and these blogs are there.


Could we have a section for those who want to list sermons or long continued blogs.


ANd another section for this "Discussion Forum" where people come to discuss their ideas and not their sermons.


That would make it much user friendly for me personally. And find a way to avoid the copy and paste threads.  What about the rest of you?

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I second the motion! When you discuss a subject, not one person does all the talking. It's give and take. But here we are sometimes a captive audience...If we want to be, that is. Sometimes a few words on a subject does more than a long post. Number 1: People might actually read it. And answer.
Perhaps labeling it as a discussion thread or just a copy and paste thread would help so we don't have to bother clicking on something that has no interaction.
Great posts MsMS. I agree to what you all have said. I don't even like to read posts that are personal-opinionated especially those short opinions that comes from personal opinion without any biblical reference that are sometimes confusing and misleading except those that would really help .

If you may notice, I think I have not yet come across to a discussion here where we arrive to a common understanding or stand on a particular issue. How much more if we will just post ideas in whatever way we would like it to be read or appear?

Discussion has several different approaches, each having its own language. The very essence of a discussion is that even if how long or short the post it has, what matters most is that it gives rise to solutions to the issue being discussed and unfortunately, it also gives rise to problems that we may not have even known about.
Yes. I just skip the cut and paste threads also. I come here to discuss ... not to read a monologue. But it's still annoying.
I tend to agree N Him, and this problematic area is compounded as time goes on. I think that over the years the capacity of the human mind has been 'engineered' so as to become smaller. More than ever we handle relatively small, quick, pieces of information.

Mrs. White comments well I think when she says, "truth will be made so prominent that he who runs may read." (Ev 129)

The following thought includes some very good remarks. (Obviously, they were written with reference to children. But still interesting.)

"Those who instruct children should avoid tedious remarks. Short remarks and to the point will have a happy influence. If much is to be said, make up for briefness by frequency. A few words of interest, now and then, will be more beneficial than to have it all at once. Long speeches burden the small minds of children. Too much talk will lead them to loathe even spiritual instruction... The minds of the people may be glutted with too much speechifying." (CG 34-35)
Well .... our time is not unlimited. And who wants to spend hours on some of the worldly and erroroneous theories that are present on this forum. If someone wants to make a quick point on a specific individual topic ... then I will follow it and sort out the error. But I'm not going to read all the erroneous material written on Righteousness by Faith. I already know the TRUE Righteousness by Faith and don't need to spend my time with the error that it draws.
That is a lesson I am still learning..That to really get something across, I have got to SHOW it..NOT say it...And everyone likes to be able to feel as if they are not stupid..

I like this site, I just think maybe the arguments and the lecturing, really arent in the spirit of things..I like being able to talk freely, without having to quote chapter and verse, of the Bible, or Ellen White.To be able to speak openly, USING the knowledge I HAVE gleaned from these valuable sources, and to go on learning..From people around me now, today, who have also read, at least the Bible, in part, if they are here to begin with, and probably have been lead here by the same Spirit that lead me here..

This is to me, a place where I can come and speak of the things that are happening to me, and also speak about the other topics brought up..I like Ellen White, I love the Bible..And my words, and actions are motivated by His Spirit..

In the last few weeks, I have come to see the spirit of the enemy, in such close proximity, that it has endowed me with a new vision, on just how BASIC and fundamental our Mission is, our faith that Christ WAS and IS is IT!!!

Truly, all the petty bickering, as well as the drive to discover all these peripheral things, these side tracks we go down, such as , well whatever takes us off the goal of more souls for Jesus, is a diversion FROM the enemy..

I think in-fighting is a BIG weapon of satan's..

We should be drawing strength from each other..We should be drawing encouragement, as well as well-placed critisism, designed to instruct, given with love..I am ready to learn more..I think probably anyone here is ready to learn more , to gain more light, even if it comes, only through those of us here, who are following Him, and listening, and hearing with joy, the word's He has for us, today..Amidst all the Atheism, for this is the face of satan that I am currently at war with....Atheism, rearing it's ugly head, right in the middle of an established SDA family!!...

I need encouragement, and strength right now... I dont need quote's, although, some of them are encouraging, but, really, direct interaction is the idea behind the discussion forum, is it not?..And that is what I myself, need..So, I agree, I guess?..
For me, aside from a thoughtful, constructive dialogue, the goal is being able to present one's perspective in a concise way that encourages reading, further thought, and study. What I have found is that after lengthy quotes, the main point at times still needs to be identified. I think we need thoughts in bite size pieces =). Digesting is greatly enhanced and the main point is understood...
I will have to look it up ... but I believe our prophet stated that sermons by the pastor should only be 20 minutes? I suspect that she would limit us here to 20 words per post. It would be far more fruitful. Some of the rambling quotes etc .... gets real old.
AMEN!!!! Oops! Shhhhhhhhhhhhuuuuuuusssssshhhhhh
TO N Him
please help me ! from long time ago ,i read this "20 minutes " about how long shold be the sermons and I lose the "place"! wher is this please?you can send me particular if you not mind...........
many thanks
Deborah. You are a true blue and what this forum really needs. I agree with your observations and I think they are very valid and valuable. You have hit it square on.

Most of the quotes wars are just that .... wars. No one is really trying to accept or honestly understand the other .... they are just trying to WIN for THEIR side. Sad but true.

The quotes just appear to make one feel powerful. And usually the quotes are not accepted. They are often off the topic and not in context. I hate seeing quotes of our prophet and our God ... twisted and turned to death. I would prefer to see things as you have outlined. Only a small amount of quotes are needed and if anyone needs more they could be sent privately.

Just my 2 cents

Glad to have you here Deborah


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