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Have any of your prayers ever, in actuality, been answered?

Is every single word written in your bible factual, truthful and unambiguous?

If Mohammed, Allah's prophet, came down to earth tomorrow, would you remain a Christian?

What are your chances of getting into heaven?

Why do you think is it impossible to prove anything whatsoever of a supernatural nature?

Is it possible that the devout Catholic, Adolph Hitler, could be in heaven if he had truly repented prior to his death?

Where was your soul prior to your conception?

To what sorts of depravity would you descend if it were proved there was no god?

Why doesn't your god show him/herself anymore?

When do you think Christ will come back to earth?

Why was little or no faith needed to believe in god during Old Testament times (god appeared to humans regularly) yet today christians have to rely on 100% faith for their belief?

How would you prove that your god exists - without using arguments that someone from another religion would use to prove their god exists, and without reference to the Bible?

What is the difference between a dream, or hallucination, and a vision from God?

Why is your god the only valid god?

By what method do you determine the difference between the voice of God, and the voice of the Devil pretending to be God?

If Christ did come back to earth, what would be your minimum requirement for proof of his authenticity?

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They are questions to contemplate on
Good questions but they each need a thread.

Is there a common thread perhaps that we could attempt to discuss here?
Emmanunel, you mean QuestionS for us!

Everyone of your quesions should be dealt with in a single thread.

All profound and interesting questions, but please - could you ask them one at a time? or at least (in your mind) the most pressing one first?

The only common thread seems to be "Can God be proven (His existence, dealings and claims)?" Correct me if I'm wrong.
Wow! 16 discussion questions all at once - and some so profound!
May we could start with any one question at random and get to another one and so on and so forth, and see how it goes! :)
these are very interesting questions. some of which I have never contemplated before.

Dealing with the first one. I have experienced answered prayers many times.

one experience I had concerning my brother. he was in a car accident and was unconcious for three days. the doctors had given up on him and were not sure if he would ever wake up. Having lost two friends in that same accident the entire church was praying for his full recovery. We asked God for a Miracle.
to cut a very long story short, after three days (like lazarus) he woke up. his recovery from his injuries took some time but still had the doctors and nurses amazed. today he is a father of two lovely children and a loving husband. God did not stop there he also healed the hand of another friend who was in that same accident.

According to the police and other officials how they survived that accident is nothing short of a Miracle.

the fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.

God promises in his word that before they call I will answer and while they are yet speaking I will hear.
Why one should live and thousands of children raped and murdered .... I don't understand.

I prefer to not get into the miracle business. It just makes me upset. I don't see kindness in it.
I don't see fairness. I don't see Love.

I think the Devil would like to see us focus on miracles. So, I have to believe that some of the good
miracles come from him ... not our God.
4Him, you should watch the sermon titled Good God, Bad World! Why?, by Mark Finely. It may help with the way you feel about things. Miracles are gonna be tricky though in the near future. Def something to be careful about. Praise God for answered prayers though, even, the miraculous ones :)
Interesting questions. I would have to agree with my fellow posters' these would be best dealth with one at a time. I have had many answers to prayer, infact while on my knees the sickness that was causing so much discomfort was suddenly removed. Not all anwers have been this immediate but there is undoubtedly power in honest, heartfelt prayer.

Regarding the 'words' of scripture, I believe that holy writ is "thought inspired" meaning that the stories are factual, the ideas are God breathed, and the truths are eternal. As to the words, there are 66(?) authors, of varying personalities, educational backgrounds and literary styles. As a result, some are easier to read, others require much more thought and contemplation, but for all, 'spiritual things are spiritually discerned'. Comparing scripture with scripture always gives a more balanced understanding. So are the "words" inspired? I think they reflect the individuality of the writer and so must be taken in the context of that time, event, and teaching. That said, the symmetry and harmony of the whole, given it's diverse authorship is amazing!
Well said brother...
As to Mohammad, whatever facsimile he might choose, would NOT change my reasons for being a Christian. Christianity is rock solid in its claims about Christ and in its power to transform, not by works but by faith working through love.

One's chances of getting into heaven is entirely determined by themselves. For God so loved the world, He gave His only son that whosoever believes might eternal life (John 3:16). Believing however is an active process, not merely an intellectual assent. So it means inviting the person of the Godhead to dwell within your heart. I can assure you, you will never be the same. He makes all things new............


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