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At a time when political leaders are struggling to pass environmental legislation in the USA and elsewhere, in large part because of the potential economic costs, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon says religious leaders "can have the largest, widest and deepest reach" when it comes to influencing the outcome of the summit.

In all, as many as 100 religiously affiliated representatives from the USA plan to attend the summit, estimates Tyler Edgar, assistant director for the environmental arm of the NCC. Worldwide, she says that number will likely run "in the hundreds."

That explains why religious groups are uniquely positioned to not only influence the political debate, but also be an active part of environmental solutions, says Olav Kjorven, an assistant secretary-general at the U.N. who was at Windsor. He says religious institutions can use their influence to promote investment in industries that emit less carbon, support education on environmental issues in schools, and make places of worship more environmentally friendly.

Pope To Climate Summit: Respect God's Creation

Story Discussion Posted: Sunday, December 6, 2009 5:25 am

Pope Benedict XVI has told world leaders attending the climate summit in Copenhagen that caring for God's creation requires they adopt sober and responsible lifestyles.

Benedict said Sunday he hoped the meeting, which opens Monday, would outline actions that respect creation and promote development while respecting human dignity and the common good.

The Vatican, which has U.N. observer status, is sending a delegation to Copenhagen.

Benedict has spoken out frequently about the need to care for the planet, dedicating a good part of his last encyclical to the issue. Under his pontificate, the Vatican has also installed photovoltaic cells on the roof of its auditorium and begun a reforestation project aimed at offsetting its C02 emissions.

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The Copenhagen Summit officially known as the United Nations COP-15 Climate Change Conference will arguably become the most important global meeting in world history. It is to be held in Copenhagen in Denmark, from 7 December to 18 December 2009, and will see about 15,000 of the world’s top climate change leaders from 182 countries gather to make a radical new climate change agreement to replace the Kyoto Protocol when its first commitment period expires in 2012.
One of the key radical energy conservation measures planned to be put forward by Britain at the summit, and possibly approved, is the introduction of global Personal Carbon Allowances (PCA’s) (energy rationing) for every individual on earth.The idea behind PCA’s is that each person will receive the same annual carbon allowance or ration for the primary energy they consume. Each time a person purchases electricity, gas, petrol or airfares, a certain number of ‘carbon points’ or ‘carbon units’ will be deducted from their annual carbon allowance calculated on the amount of energy they consume. Each person will have an electronic carbon CO2 account operated with a smartcard to complete the transactions. Children will have reduced or no allowances.
A world conservation or carbon bank will be set up for managing the global system, with PCA points acting as a parallel global currency to real money, with a key feature being the buying and selling of its units.
If an individual is a low energy user, has no car and doesn’t purchase air tickets, they will be able to sell their unused carbon points to the carbon bank at a large profit. Those who use more than their fair share, after they have used up their ration will still be able to purchase more points from the carbon bank, but the cost may be twenty or thirty times the original annual ration allowance since market forces will set the price.
The British environment minister, David Miliband, unveiled the plan in July 2006. In June 2008, a trial online PCA carbon trading system called CarbonDAQ was initiated by the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA) in Britain. The trial is using a 1,000 volunteers working with retailers, utility companies and BP(british petroleum) to record how much fuel or point-of-sale carbon emissions they have purchased using Nectar shopping loyalty cards. The conclusions from the trial will be published by the RSA in November ready for the Copenhagen Summit in December.
The religious leaders will be there to learn the sacredness of Mother Earth lol The recreation of the earth throuh self denial for lucifer and to teach this doctrine to the gullable as our freedoms become less and less and where no man can buy or sell save he who submits in everyway to the beast. It's pure nonsense and yet so powerful and seductive
As much as these world leaders are believing that they will do something towards climate change i think as much as we do not centre upon the owner of this universe we are heading towards darkness.
Mathew 24 clearly outlines that natural disasters will be devastating in the last days.
-Pray that we wont be blinded to think that we can improve this planet yet facts on ground show that this earth is heading towards the end..
There were LaRouche organizers there that passed out flyers titled "Global Warming Hoax- Spells Genocide"
"Many appeared shaken" which lead to much discussion and reconsiderations.
I could post the whole email from the LaRouche people and it told me this Copenhagen Summit will flop or be delayed for years.
Many delegates were open to discussion. There was an even stronger effect on

those who had read the leaflet. One high-level African delegate said that the leaflet was

“amazing and probably true,” and that everyone was talking about it inside the conference.

An African NGO delegate came up, very shaken by what he had read in the leaflet,

saying, “I didn’t know this before,” and wants further discussion. A delegate from

one of the Pacific island nations remarked that CO2 is not produced by human activity,

and took leaflets for his whole delegation. A Brazilian delegate from the Amazon

stressed the hypocrisy of it all—that they are under restrictions to only develop 20% of

the rainforest, but the same people who are enforcing that, are tearing down the whole

forest just a few kilometers away.

During the early morning, the only activists outside were the Schiller Institute and

Greenpeace. While other
The angels are still holding the winds of strife... to give us a chance to quickly work and bring more into His fold...We need to wake up and take advantage, or we will be forced to work when the times are tough. The question to ask is: Where are my priorities?


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