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As of a week from today, we will be removing the video and music features of Adventist Online.  This will NOT stop you from embedding YouTube videos or music players into your posts or profile page.  You will still be able to do that and share your videos and music here..  What the change will do is remove the storage of these videos and music from Adventist Online servers.


The reasons we are doing this are twofold.  We have experienced many, many copyright infringement "take down" notices regarding music and video on our site.  We have attempted to minimize this problem but it persists.  Although it is not likely, we do not want to be held liable in case of a lawsuit about content that was uploaded by members.


The other reason is cost.  Having these multimedia files streamed from our servers takes up a lot of bandwidth and increases our costs substantially.  Since there are many options for uploading music and videos on the web that are free (and can be embedded in our site easily), we have decided to stop storing these files on our servers.


Let us know if you have any questions.  Blessings!

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great stuff

adventist online,

do you mean to say, that we will no longer have the videos thats posted at our  disposal to listen and watch, and is to be removed to its entirety ??


sir james

Yes, James.  That is correct.

Clark P.

thank you for responding to my question clark, then my next question is this, how is it that, you tube can post music and video and we, adventist online can't ?  is it because they had permission, or is it because  ??

sorry to ask, clark, indeed i will surely miss the music and video section of adventist online.


sir james

You have asked the million dollar question, James!  I'm not entirely sure how they do it but I do know some ways.  I know they don't have permission from everyone but they do have business deals in place with major film studios and record companies that they will put ads on their music/videos and then split any ad revenue with the copyright owners.  But even with those deals in place, videos are removed from YouTube at the request of the copyright holder all the time.  So they give the copyright holder a choice, they will take the video down OR they will pay them money.  We don't have the ability to do offer any money.


The other factor is that YouTube is a multi-billion dollar company that can withstand the lawsuits if that happens.  AdventistOnline is not.  So if we were dragged into court, the possible outcome is that the site would be permanently shut down and that I personally would owe someone a lot of money.  Neither of those is very good in my view.  :-)

The other alternative is advertising where that post is...especially if the video has alot of hits.
Also keep in mind James that all members here will still be able to include YouTube videos in their discussions and blogs.  We'll still have videos shown on this site, we just won't be the repository for those videos / music.

Clark P.

thank you for all the efforts in letting adventist members enjoy the many many music

and videos you offered at no charge, it was truly a blessing to watch the videos and listen to the music everyday.  this is one area that i will truly miss in your website.

sir james

wow!!!! im kinda going to missed my music badly!

We miss it too.  It was just too much a risk of being forced to take the entire site offline.
thank you Mr. Clark

Dear A O L management:

         I agree heartily with the plan to remove all videos and music from the general sections of A O L.  Lately, I've noticed some videos which I feel, as an "older generation" Adventist participant, have questionable value.  It is an overdue act.   This is also true of the music videos which I see posted here.   Some of the music, which my wife Lehcar occasionally switch into, JOLTS me when the opening bars are heard, for they do not sound Adventist music at all. 

        I do not know who finances A O L operations.  I'd like to also include some of the forum topics.  There have been some topics which cast question on ADVENTIST VALUES, many of which are of long standing.   It is now time to look into the attitudes which some of the forums appear to promote.   And there can be DUPLICATIONS of some of the forum topics:  "Drums in the church"  "Drums in Church Services -- Should they be Allowed?"  It is positive to note that some forum topics have been stopped by A O L management.   I believe it is your prerogative to accept or reject forum topics for printing. 

       God bless you, Brother Clark and Co., who form the management of A O L.   We are praying for you.  God bless the purpose for which A O L had been established.  MORE POWER TO YOU ALL.   MARANATHA!!!!   My wife, LEHCAR, asks me to include in this letter that she TOTALLY AGREES with this letter.  The two of us are UNITED IN POSTING THIS LETTER. 



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