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Please just as a reminder. I know there are a few who do not like Walter Vieth. I posted this for those of us who enjoy listening to him not to start an argument. If you must disagree please be gentle with one another please!

God Bless

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I love Walter Veith, and promote his lectures constantly. However, I must say that so far from all my research, he does appear to be very wrong about his interpretation of the King of the South not having anything to do with Islam--basically disputing Tim Roosenberg's position. The common and popular interpretation in Adventism is that the King of the South is Atheistic Communism.  Roosenberg has revealed the many holes that exist in this interpretation.

I saw one of Veith's lectures on the King of the North and the King of the South in this "Repairing the Breach" series before it was removed from YouTube (as it was in violation of Amazing Discoveries' copyright policies), and he said that it was impossible for the King of the South to have anything to do with Islam because Islam and the Papacy are actually working together--citing several high masonic sources to prove his point.

Walter Veith misses the point, however. While it is true that Islamic leaders are compromising with the Pope and working together with the Papacy, this does not discount Radical Islam from being identified as the King of the South.  It is unequivocally clear that Radical Islam has PUSHED against the Papacy, raged wars against them for centuries, has attempted to assassinate the Pope on a number of accounts, and has exercised its utmost power to eradicate Christian Western culture. 

The Papacy may very well have been instrumental in creating the religion of Islam.  But this backfired on them, no doubt, as Radical Islamists have turned against them.  So while ideologically speaking, both religious powers originate from Babylonian sources, and essentially have the same roots, this in itself cannot disqualify the prophecy of the King of the South being Radical Islam in Daniel chapter 11, and verses 40-45. 

It is without question that we are beginning to see a steady rise in Radical Islam, and they are pushing harder and harder against the Western World.  Despite compromising Islamic leaders, and despite the religions of both Catholicism and Islam being rooted in the same ideological principles, there is no doubt that these are two opposing forces, and God's people (Jerusalem) are caught in the middle.

Regardless, both those who believe that Islam is the King of the South and those who do not, one thing is for certain: We all know that the Papacy is the King of the North, and the King of the North will be the victor in the end.  Radical Islam will eventually be subjugated.

So I do not see how men like Walter Veith can completely dismiss these interpretations. Tim Roosenberg has done a fine job at proving his points in his videos and in his book.  And many are seeing the picture.  Walter Veith has exposed the deceptions of the Papacy, and he has preached truth.  But he needs to be willing to see that there are times he may be wrong in a few details, and be willing to polish up those details so that we can GO UNTO perfection, and sharpen the truth even more. Veith sees a "contradiction", but if one closely examines the real issues regarding the Papacy and Islam in comparison to scripture, there is no contradiction at all.  It's just how you choose to view the situation that will determine that in your mind.

With that said, I look forward to when this series will be launched, as it is jam-packed with present-truth that the masses need to know.

In Christ,


Biblical prophecy does not address every player on the world stage.  It tends to confine itself to those which have the greatest impact on God's people.  While it might seem that Islam has such an impact, the timing and placement do not match the prophetic timetable AND secularism has a much, much more prominent impact on God's people.

Revelation 11 mentions Spiritual Egypt and Sodom, and since Egypt was the primary province of the King of the South throughout Daniel 11, Spiritual Egypt would be the successor.  For Revelation 11, that was not Islam, which is why Islam doesn't fit for Daniel 11.

Islam has no significant prophetic role today any more than the nation of Israel has a prophetic role today.


there is a section for videos i believe 


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