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Response to...Science flies you to the moon. Religion flies you into buildings.

According to certain atheist 'friends' of mine. "Science flies you to the moon but religion flies you into buildings." This is quite a sad quote when you look at the true history of NASA and the fact that it was actually Nazism that flew us to the moon. Anyone who has done any research can tell you that Von Braun was a Nazi that got off easy because America wanted his V2 rocket technology. That is the sad problem with science. The thing is knowledge has not nor will not ever evolve. Knowledge can only be created through experience. Everyone knows that the Nazi scientists 'experienced' their knowledge by doing tests on human beings to test their limits, etc. You know like freezing people to see how cold you can make someone and still be able to bring them back.

Just remember because knowledge cannot be evolved (it was created by God) the Nazis had to steal their knowledge by creating bizarre experiences like putting people in vacuum chambers to see how long people could survive. Now we know how Von Braun got his knowledge about the vacuum of space. It was stolen from the lives of his concentration camp victims. Von Braun later became a celebrity even making the front page of a then famous magazine. (Time)

Well should we really cry then when religions attack a great satan? Well I guess we should disagree, I guess. So next time you hear about the next great medical breakthrough, please offer up a moment of silence for the Africans or the Indians who had to die in order to release this knowledge. If you want knowledge I guess you will just have to be like King Solomon (of Song of Solomon fame) and pray for wisdom and understanding, Amen.

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There is no conflict between the teachings of the Bible and true science. Every true child of God will know and understand why.

I know it's a very unsavory thought, but the Bible shows us that's how people are. Look at Ahab.

-- Ahab, (the government), wanted a vineyard, (oil supply).
-- His offer was refused, though he made a very kind offer.
-- Jezebel, (Jesuits / CIA), said she would take care of it.
-- She manipulated circumstances behind the scenes, and made a big dramatic display to make it look like the owner of the vineyard, (the Arabs), had blasphemed God, (the use of religion).
-- He was judged, sentenced, and put to death, and the people where happy because they got rid of the "bad guy".
-- Ahab walks in and takes the vineyard.
-- The prophet shows up and rebukes Ahab: "Hast thou killed, and also taken possession?", (Exo. 22:14).

So you could say Ahab, (the government), didn't do anything. But he allowed it to happen and he befitted from it.
I think our government has acted responsibly so far. However ... I do see serious problems with the way the current administration is headed.
I think America would do something like that but it seems like overkill to me. There are soooo many easier ways to get oil. (Just buy some from Iraq when no one is looking, like everyone else does.)
Everyone else doesn't use 25% of the world's oil, having only 5% of the population. The US is the biggest oil consumer, and Iraq is the biggest oil producer.
Couldn't the US have just told the UN to remove the oil embargo? A conspiracy would be overkill.
rush4hire, good illustration. While what you said may be true to an extent, Jezebel represents the church element (Christendom) taking the ascendency over the secular power (Ahab) by offering to solve the problems facing the nation by enforcing her dogmas (Sunday worship) and thus save America and the world from financial bankrupcy.

Why is it so hard to believe that there could be people controlling everything from behind the scenes? I don't personally think that the government was behind 911 a hundred percent. I do however believe that 911 was all about oil and that the government allowed it to happen. If you look into past history, such as that of the Federal Reserve, you would see that from the time that the Fed was organized up until the present day, there were people whose only concern was to obtain money and political power. Different people have different motives but in the end these people are all driven by one thing... "greed. Greed was Israel's downfall. This can be seen all throughout history.

Personally, I believe that the Vatican's secret agents are at work to bring America on its knees by weakening her through various wars abroad, especially this war with Irak until the government sees that it cannot go it alone any more and will finally accept the offer of Jezabel (Christendom) in order to sove the financial crisis. 9/11 may have been orchestrated by the Vatican. It is a possibility since the constitution of the US is the only obstacle remaining in the way of the papacy from ever regaining her temporal power in the world. In other words, as long as the Constitution of the US stands, the prophecies of Revelation 13 concerning the beast and her image will have to wait before they can be fulfilled.

I don't accept wild accusations against the space program, the government, and Jesuits without references, sorry.
It is strange that so many SDAs are so drawn to every conspiracy theory that comes their way.
The Nazi space program thing isn't a theory it is a true conspiracy. They even went over the prospective Germans and erased the parts of their files that said they were Nazis because the government had said to not make any deals with Nazis.


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