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According to certain atheist 'friends' of mine. "Science flies you to the moon but religion flies you into buildings."


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Perhaps yet another reason God held man back from developing technology till the end. For God knows that fallen man, with technology is a danger to himself. Eventually he will build a bomb and blow himself off the face of the earth with it. Or develop a virus that will kill everyone, or pollute the atmosphere so he can't live on this earth, or start making clones, or use all his knowledge to build some false theory, like Evolution.

Or start experimenting on human subjects, like in the concentration camps.

Surely that must be why God:
1. kicked us out of the Garden.
2. took away our immortality.
3. made us eat the flesh of animals.
4. shortened our life spans again.
5. knocked down our Tower of Babel.
6. made us hand write out books for thousands of years.

But now, it's just about the time of the end, anyway so let's develop away. The Lord has promised He will come before man can destroy himself.

Mark 24:22 And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened.
What site?
But about 9/11, I don't think religion had anything to do with it. It was more about oil. The US needed an excuse to occupy Iraq to control their oil, so they blew up their own buildings and made up some wild story about Muslims high-jacking 4 commercial jet liners with box cutters, and flying them into 4 different targets. The whole thing coordinated by some dude in a cave somewhere, who they claim they couldn't find, even though a NBC news reporter had no problem finding him to interview him on national TV.

Interestingly enough, something went wrong with one of the planes, and it was not able to reach it's target, WTC 7. But they already had the charges there so they went ahead and collapsed the building anyway, to destroy the evidence. Either that, or those where the first 3 steel frame buildings in history to ever collapse due to fire, all 3 in the same day.

I'm reminded of the prophecy:

... the profession of religion will become a cloak to conceal the basest iniquity. {GC 603.2}

Sure, this prophecy deals with the money laundering fronts that claim to be Christian organizations. But I see another fulfillment. We have been using the Muslim profession to conceal the real motivation behind the "war on terror". That's a national sin that America needs to repent of.

But we're tempted to justify it, because after all oil is a matter of national security. They don't make solar power tanks and fighter jets. If we don't get oil, we can not wage war, and we're finished as a nation. We have oil under the Rocky Mountains to last 200 years, but we don't want to use that till we have to, so as to be the last country on earth to still have oil.

The same argument eighteen hundred years ago was brought against Christ by the "rulers of the people." "It is expedient for us," said the wily Caiaphas, "that one man should die for the people, and that the whole nation perish not." John 11:50. {GC 615.2}

Thus America sacrifices it's own citizens because they think that's what it will take to save the country. I believe they would have been fine going by faith, instead.

We remember this nation speaks like a dragon. The dragon is Rome. Remember Nero burned down a good part of Rome, and then blamed it on the Christians? He caused Christians to look like "extreme, radical terrorists". I'm going to have to study that event more.
I've heard it all now. Not much credibility here ...
4Him, do you have a better explanation? :)

There is more than meet the eyes here. The Jesuits were behind the whole scheme to bring America down, eventually at the feet of the Pope. The Jesuits are stationed at all levels of government mascarading as patriots, as protectors of the Constitution. That is why they are able to do their nefarious work underhandedly. Remember that since 1798 the Jesuits have been working behind the scenes to re-establish the supremacy of the Pope. The only obstacle in the way of the Pope to regain his supremacy in the world is the American Constitution. Once that will have been taken out of the way, then the deadly wound will be healed and the Papacy will rule the world again for a short time. President Bush once declared that the Pope was a wise man and that his teachings should be put into practice in the United States!

This is all too weird and sensational and conspiritorial for me. This is my time to bow out. I am reallly not into this kind of weird stuff. No thanks.
There is nothing "sensational" about this. The thing that i find to be "sensational" is that the masses of the people are totally unaware of what is really going on, who the real extremists are.

I don't believe the U.S. government had anything to do with the attacks on 911, but I do believe beyond a benefit of a doubt (after considering the evidence) that they had enough intel to stop the attacks. I think our government saw an opportunity and took it. Even though they had nothing to do with the attacks themselves, our government became just as responsible for the deaths of the 2,974 lives that were taken that day, when they decided that the security of the oil in the Middle East was more important than a few thousand human lives. That's what happens when godless man is ignorant to the reality and faithful character of the all powerful God, who would not forsake a nation that puts her trust in Him who is faithful; the end NEVER justifies the means.
There is no conflict between the teachings of the Bible and true science. Every true child of God will know and understand why.

I know it's a very unsavory thought, but the Bible shows us that's how people are. Look at Ahab.

-- Ahab, (the government), wanted a vineyard, (oil supply).
-- His offer was refused, though he made a very kind offer.
-- Jezebel, (Jesuits / CIA), said she would take care of it.
-- She manipulated circumstances behind the scenes, and made a big dramatic display to make it look like the owner of the vineyard, (the Arabs), had blasphemed God, (the use of religion).
-- He was judged, sentenced, and put to death, and the people where happy because they got rid of the "bad guy".
-- Ahab walks in and takes the vineyard.
-- The prophet shows up and rebukes Ahab: "Hast thou killed, and also taken possession?", (Exo. 22:14).

So you could say Ahab, (the government), didn't do anything. But he allowed it to happen and he befitted from it.
I think our government has acted responsibly so far. However ... I do see serious problems with the way the current administration is headed.


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