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Response to...Science flies you to the moon. Religion flies you into buildings.

According to certain atheist 'friends' of mine. "Science flies you to the moon but religion flies you into buildings." This is quite a sad quote when you look at the true history of NASA and the fact that it was actually Nazism that flew us to the moon. Anyone who has done any research can tell you that Von Braun was a Nazi that got off easy because America wanted his V2 rocket technology. That is the sad problem with science. The thing is knowledge has not nor will not ever evolve. Knowledge can only be created through experience. Everyone knows that the Nazi scientists 'experienced' their knowledge by doing tests on human beings to test their limits, etc. You know like freezing people to see how cold you can make someone and still be able to bring them back.

Just remember because knowledge cannot be evolved (it was created by God) the Nazis had to steal their knowledge by creating bizarre experiences like putting people in vacuum chambers to see how long people could survive. Now we know how Von Braun got his knowledge about the vacuum of space. It was stolen from the lives of his concentration camp victims. Von Braun later became a celebrity even making the front page of a then famous magazine. (Time)

Well should we really cry then when religions attack a great satan? Well I guess we should disagree, I guess. So next time you hear about the next great medical breakthrough, please offer up a moment of silence for the Africans or the Indians who had to die in order to release this knowledge. If you want knowledge I guess you will just have to be like King Solomon (of Song of Solomon fame) and pray for wisdom and understanding, Amen.

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Also don't pretend that all science comes from 'happy, friendly old' America. You know very well what is going on with China and India, don't you?

You sad, sad child, living in your false sense of security, God will not forgive intentional blindness. This is a warning. There are a lot of sad poor people that will take any pill or give up any organ for a couple bucks, even in America. You have been warned.
Warned by paranoid conspiracy theorists? No thanks.
What paranoid conspiracy would that be? The one about children needing mothers and fathers.
No, that every person and every organization on earth is out to get me. That I shouldn't put an ounce of trust in my government. That pharmacists are Nazis. That science is murder. That Indians and Africans and poor people are drug test guinea pigs.
That's a terrible thing to say! Pharmacology does not have anything to do with socialism.
A terrible truth.
You've got to be kidding. Przemek just said that they used mechanical systems for their experiments and used a lot of research done by other people. Which makes a lot more sense than saying science is murdering countless people. Show me an Indian or African that has been murdered by drug testing (which IS tested on animals first). This is not the dark ages; we have ways of experimenting without cutting people open or pouring chemicals on them.
lol, you wish. You don't know they still test drugs on poor people.
Again, I ask you for references. If you're not familiar with the term, it means I want DOCUMENTED EVIDENCE for your claims.
I never said the system was perfect. But note that the article says "one of the final stages of developing a new drug". There's a lot of testing done before human testing. But those unfortunate infants were hardly "murdered" by science. Careless testing does not mean that the entire medical industry is evil. Mistakes happen. People do dumb things. But science is not responsible for their actions.
Science, what is science?

Science do dumb things. But People are not responsible for their actions.


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