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Is it wrong for Christians to sing secular love songs, like you would sing a love song to someone you love. They play love songs at weddings, is there anything wrong? Your thoughts. God bless Also, is it wrong to sing Christmas songs?

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Hi John, I attend the Peckham Seventh Day Adventist Church in South London. So you are also an Evangelist! That's good brother
Brother Johnny, let me share with you what I have known...

Is it wrong?

To help answer the question, I'd like you to open your Bible to a book called "The Song of Songs." Here is an amazing work of poetry that celebrates the joy and beauty of sexual love within marriage. Obviously, God isn't opposed to songs about romantic love. If he were, I don't think he'd have included this romantically charged book in his sacred Word. The Bible also celebrates romantic love outsideof marriage; Genesis 29 tells the story of Jacob's intense love for Rachel, and his willingness to work for her dad for seven years just so he could marry her. Scripture says those seven years "seemed like only a few days" to Jacob because of his love for Rachel. Now that's romantic! God is clearly very much for romantic love. And he should be. He invented it! Here's what he said just before he made Eve out of Adam's rib: "It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him" (Genesis 2:18). God didn't—and still doesn't—want all men (or women) to be alone. Or lonely. As the inventor of human love, God knows that romance is very natural and wonderful. It's no wonder there are so many love songs. After all, God made us in such a way that we long for romance.

Now don't get me wrong. When it comes to love songs and Christians, I don't think "everything goes." Romantic lyrics from Christians should never promote premarital sex, lust, adultery or anything else contrary to Christian values. I also believe romance shouldn't be the only thing a Christian group sings about. If that's all that's on a songwriter's mind, I have to wonder if the artist has a very well-rounded, healthy view of life.

With these cautions, however, I must say I appreciate the way many Christian love songs celebrate the beauty and innocence of romance. Contrast this with the large number of secular songs that turn love into lust and romance into a game where you take as much as you can get before moving on to the next sexual partner. It's no secret that many secular songs twist love into something manipulative, dirty and even pornographic. So, no, I don't see anything wrong with Christians like Plus One singing love songs. In fact, when it comes to the topic of love, it's great to have the Christian alternative.

So, what do you think with this one? Do you agree with this?
I totally agree with you my dear brother. Thank you for your comments. God bless you my brother and friend
Totally agree!
What do you think of Christian Rock Concerts?
I mean the swingin an swayin rappin for jesus fests.
Nothin' wrong with swayin' of the hips. If we as Adventists were to gyrate the hips a little more ... we wouldn't have less people suffering from muscle contractures around the hip joints. Excercise those hips people. Otherwise when you get old ... you will not be able to ambulate effectively.

And swayin' for Jesus is a good thing. Right Gabe?
How enlightening! I didn't know that all Christian rock concerts involved dancing and rapping!
A Seventh-day Adventist Philosophy of Music - Guidelines

About Secular Music

Secular music” is music composed for settings other than the worship service or private devotion. It speaks to the common issues of life and basic human emotions. It comes out of our very being, expressing the human spirit’s reaction to life, love, and the world in which the Lord has placed us. It can be morally uplifting or degrading. Although it does not directly praise and adore God, nevertheless it could have a legitimate place in the life of the Christian.
I agree totally, thanks for your comments dear friend
Amen! See: Song of Solomon!


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