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Is it wrong for Christians to sing secular love songs, like you would sing a love song to someone you love. They play love songs at weddings, is there anything wrong? Your thoughts. God bless Also, is it wrong to sing Christmas songs?

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No. Nothing wrong with singing. God gave us love. Romance is a good thing. Like anything ... if you want to polute it you can. And no ... it is not wrong to sing about Jesus at Christmas time. That's what Christmas time is for. May God be praised.
Thank you my beloved friend for that, because I am a very romantic guy, and I love to sing love songs as well, as well as christian songs. May God be praised indeed
I do not fully understand what you mean my brother.I sing love songs to myself, when I'm thinking about my honey. They play love songs at Christian weddings too. There's a time for everything
I do not mix them together my dear brother.
Thanks my brother
Personally I don't think there is anything wrong with singing "romantic" songs however my concern is singing about Jesus on christmas; We shouldnt wait for Christmas time to sing about our Jesus.
We are supposed to sing praises for Jesus every day!
Yes! everyday Gabriel
Amen to that my sister. We should praise God everyday, and remember that God gave His son to save us from our sins
but our hymns,are love songs,too.:)I'm really happy for U,Johnny!!!!...God bless..
Some people says, it also depends on the lyrics of the song, and the type of music behind it.
There has to be a balance my dear brother. We also sing love songs to Jesus in our hymns etc, so it depends on the music as well, as the lyrics.,what kind of songs u sing there:)??


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