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Is it wrong for Christians to sing secular love songs, like you would sing a love song to someone you love. They play love songs at weddings, is there anything wrong? Your thoughts. God bless Also, is it wrong to sing Christmas songs?

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Amen. Thank you for that post.
Thank you my dear sister, my sentimence as well. God bless you
There is a school of thought that the idea of a secular world and a church world is a catholic tradition (oops that dirty word) . For a follower of the Creator there is no such separation since all that she/he does is worthy of the Lord's attention then this not about secular v religious but about what is appropriate for the occassion. If your love song is appropriate for the occasion then sing it.
Thank you my dear sister Mary for such words of wisdom. when the music starts to appeal to our lower nature that will arouse sexual interest, then yes, we should stay well clear from such music.
Love songs that declare romantic love between a man and a woman with no sexual content is fine by me.
I plan to sing to my wife at our wedding
Brother Man in Christ, The Bible says that God is Love. I believe that. If the songs you sing represent true beautiful Love that God has so generously given us, than sing on and on. As long as your lyrics are not degrading or demeaning, or vulgar; it means that you are far ahead in your understanding because your life has love good enough to sing about. Praise God! Of course the 'downers' will condemn you because they mistakenly believe that our Creator is only satisfied when we are miserable. The problem with these 'downer people' is that they have guilt so deep that they punish themselves by never fully understanding or appreciating LOVE which originates from God. You might have to watch the tempo of your love songs around these people, because they also mistakenly believe that God hates rhythm. Too bad they don't know that His universe operates on a rhythm we can't evn describe. Many Blessings to you and your Fiancee, and remember it's no sin for a marriage to produce children either
Wow... nice discussion from here... GBU.TC all
In our Christian institutions we teach the works of great poet and scientist, and doctors of medicine as blessings bestowed upn the human race. Why the beauty of love between two humans is so belittled shows who really controls the earth. How in the world could it be wrong to sing songs about the birth and life of Jesus, unless you belong to the group who hates the thought of the birth and life of Jesus.Of course some secular songs go to far by capitalizing on lewd, lustful lyrics. These have no place at weddings.Too often we forget that lust is a selfish desire even in marriage but guess what/ You won't find many of our Christian brothers and sisters avoiding marriage so that they won't have occasion to lust. If we just stuck to the Bible for our guidance, there would be a lot less controversy about our daily life. Will all the people who hate love songs and Christmas songs please stand up and remove the Song of Solomon and the New Testament from your Bibles!!


has anyone read the bible lately, especially the songs of solomon.  you may find king solomon's song very interesting

in regards to this discussion, romantic songs.


sir james


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