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Recently I was having a discussion about the christains unfortunately making the Sabbath a burden. The issue is "a friend of mind was watching tv (sports) on the Sabbath just as he reached from church". I entered into a discussion about the Sabbath being a delight and not a burden. Now I would like someone to expound on such a topic of the Sabbath being a burden so I can share it with him. Thank you.

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NUMBER ONE TH ESABBATH I S TO BE CALLED A DELIGHT YES,, BUT ALSO IN ISAIAH 58 TH CHAPTER ,I recommend reading an dthoughtfully considering ALL that is stated in thi s chapter especially from verses 13 on WE FIND GOD telling his people that the Sabbath is not for speaking their own words or doing their own pleassure on HIS Sabbath day . THE Sabbath was set aside as a memorial ,, .
now on every other day we are to conduct buisness an speak of our buisnes or persoal activities unrelated to God ,so to speak and it is ok .. '

God asks of his Children to give him this one day that He created to interact with Him personally an to be a blessing to others . IS GOD particular then IN what HE asks of us as his loving children? ? Are their consequences involved for disobediance too? Were not the Isrealites carried away into captivity for not keeping Gods Sabbath Day n worrishiping idols too? .
what are our Idols today?? No not wood or stone certainly not we too intelligent an sophisticated for this but we not above setting our own interests above God s and robbing HIm of the honor do Him alone as our creator by placing our own wants our sports idols or movie idols above Him yes/
WHY IS THIS SO HARD TO DO?/ CAN WE NOT GIVE TO GOD what rightfully belongs to Him? .. HE even adds a promise that i f we will obey and follow him he will giv e back t o us more do u want someone steling something that belongs to u ? think mor e clearly . MJ
I think Sabbath has been perceived as a burden because growing up we (or at least I) were taught about all the things you could NOT do instead of vice versa. Sometimes it felt like you were chained to those 24 hours and the real fun didn't begin until sunset on Saturday evening. Unfortunately I think that almost a whole generation was raised with this mindset and once we could do what we wanted, did so. They may not go to work on the Sabbath, but they will do everything else under the sun except fellowship with God.

My mom told me that when she was growing up they were sad to see the Sabbath end because there were so many activities for the young people to do and the fellowship was good. I wish that had been my experience growing up. The Sabbath is indeed intended to be a delight and a lot of people (myself included) need to learn the true joy that Sabbath rest and fellowship can be.
Hey Jullian thanks for the contribution. I think that we as young people have that problem of not knowing how to make the Sabbath a delight. It is my favourite day of the week. However, what do you think we can do to make a delight?

I think that if young people were given correct activities that they can participate in and taught proper guidelines to observe the Sabbath then they could find the delight. Most people that I grew up with were given a long list of dont's and no do's. The Sabbath became church, eat, and sleep. That is not a delight unless you are an adult who is tired from your work week. By the time the child is college bound they probably seek to do other things. The way my mom described Sabbath in her native country is beautiful. There were so many activities that were Christ centered that the children and young adults had a good time. I struggle with this today because I have a little one and I find myself doing the same thing my mom did. I want my daughter to look forward to the Sabbath and not see it as "confinement" in the house for 24 hours.
Hi Gabriel, I couldn't help but to read your comment several times. I think it will be of more benefit if you can shed some light on being too ridiculously strick. In my opinion, watching sports on the Sabbath day is pleasureable - that has nothing to do with glorifying God. Some light will do. Thank you.
We are not to have our "own" pleasure on Sabbath. It is to be a day that points us to Jesus. Sports are not able to do that at least for me. If one finds pointing one's self to Jesus .... to be a burden ... then perhaps he should re-evaluate his or her relationship with Jesus.
Hmmmm, well,let me put it this way...Sabbath has been a burden because it is has always been the reason for some that it is hard to "sanctify" or "make holy" the day of God...",
It's a day to see all your Adventist friends, connect with them, meet new people, visit those in jail or in the hospital, HAVE AMPLE TIME in God's word, and in prayer, (i'm not talking about the church service), and lift up and strengthen your friends who may be going through some hard times, maybe it's even us who need the edifying. All while we are in nature, or around a campfire, or in someone's living room.
CONNECTION, with God and man, minus all our busywork. Just like in heaven.
Delight = is a result of a special intimacy with the Lord and the fellowships of the believers regardless of what those who handled the programs has prepared.

Boring =an absence of divine attachment (presence of the HS) and lack of personal devotion to the porpuse of the Sabbath.

Burden =the absence of spiritual freedom and joy of celebrating the Sabbath and the presence of compelling personal agenda that needs to be addressed.


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