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Many people believe that the Sabbath is from even to even meaning sunset to sunset. The sun used to set at 6.00pm but because of the different changes in the earth it now sets at different times all over the world. Should we changed with the sun or should we still observe the sabbath at 6? If we change then we will be breaking the Sabbath. What do you think let us discuss.

I saw that it was in the minds of some that the Lord had shown that the Sabbath commenced at six o’clock, when I had only seen that it commenced at “even,” and it was inferred that even was at six. {1BIO 324.6}


As noted in earlier chapters, Joseph Bates was considered the father of the Sabbath truth. As captain of his own vessels, he had sailed far and wide and was acquainted with the matter of time-keeping in different parts of the world. It was his conclusion that time as kept at the equator, with sunset uniformly at 6:00 P.M., was the proper guide to Sabbathkeeping, regardless of season of the year or location. The Scriptures called for evening marking the beginning of the new day, and the words “from even unto even, shall ye celebrate your sabbath” (Leviticus 23:32) were cited in support of this point. The April 21, 1851, issue of the Reviewcarried a three-column article by Joseph Bates in support of the six o’clock time. {1BIO 322.2}


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Which means this discussion is pointless as it was never about searching for any truth, but rather to prove a point.


No you are absolutely wrong because no one has proven otherwise from the Bible.

Yes I know a lot of quotes was given from EGW and dont get me wrong I believe in EGW but I want bible proof.

I cannot take EGW over what Jesus said and he said there are twelve hours in a day.

Now I know she said alot and I have read all and even others for myself but in the end she did say also that new light will come on all familiar topics also she said we are to take the bible over her.

What she is saying and what Jesus said are two different things.

Maybe everyone cannot begin sabbath at the same time but what ever time they are keeping sabbath hours the day must be within a twelve hour span.

I dont know everything nor do I claim to know.

I cannot use EGW to correct the bible I just cannot.

This was a discussion whether you believe that or not.

But Leslie, you mean all these years all of us are not keeping and observing a true sabbath day?

Sabrina God will have to bring light to every individual that is all I can say. Meanwhile we live according to the light we have.

Regardless of the twelve hours in a day, we are told that Sabbath is from even to even so you aren't  willing to accept the Bible's clear teaching on that.  I realize that you are totally convinced that what you are "teaching" is your firm belief and that we aren't going to change your mind.  God will have to be the judge in the end.  Either He will condemn us for not changing or condemn you for not listening to us.  Or maybe this is a case where God is going to take your sincere trying as the best you could offer and make up the difference.  But there are too many holes in your arguement to believe in it.  I would have to close my eyes to too many Bible verses that speak of a 24 hour time span.


I have already explained from the Bible about the even to even so if you want to know what I said kindly scroll to the beginning. 

Like I said to sabrina God is the one who will have to bring light to every individual.

Now no matter what you say remember the work is the Holy Spirit to impress this upon my mind. None of can do that work and if the HS does not do that then I can never see it like you see it. This is how it works no one can do the work of the Holy Spirit.

So, it is not about I do not want to change my mind I of myself cannot even do that.

One thing I know for sure is that God is leading me and if I am wrong he will show me but so far he has not done that. 

Like I said I do not know everything but if you believe that I am not willing to learn then what can I say to each his own. 

In my knowledge, time is not constant across the globe, however, as I know it, the way time was checked in the biblical days were the setting of the sun and seasons were determined by the shapes of the moon. There was nothing speaking of a 'time' in terms of 6 or 7, the concept is when the setting of the sun on the 6th day has arrived, the sabbath is to be acknowledged. When I am in Trinidad, depending on the time of year we can start from as late as 6:45 or as early as 5:30 (christmas time). That is when the sun sets. When I am in the US (Summer I think it is) and the sun sets at 9 (if I am not mistaken) that is the time I welcome the sabbath and on saturday evening the same time to close it as well. Time was created long after. So to speak to time that is incorrect. It is based on the setting of the sun.

Why you all  splitting hairs? (Matthew 23:24) There is a great work that needs to be done. The enemy is stealing a march on God's people and we need to get busy about our Father's business.


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