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Greetings in the name of our lord and Master Jesus Christ! I need your help brethrens. I would appreciate your ideas on how to write an intresting sabbath school report.


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Greetings, sister Susan!


I notice that 3 days have gone by and nobody has given you any answers yet. I used to write the Sabbath School report and I can certainly tell you, it is very difficult to make it interesting!


I also used to object at the time because the way the statistics were presented seemed to invite pride in "our" achievements and works..."21 Bible studies given, 35 pieces of literature shared, $100 given to the poor" our classes, when the teacher would ask "who has given a Bible study?" "Who has visited a sick person?", you could just see the eager hands go up, making sure all of their brethren and sisters see them and take note. It was just too much like the Pharisee in the Biblical story announcing "I give tithe of all that I have, I fast three times a week, I pray every day..."


Another statistical anomaly that I used to protest about: for example, one person would be sick in hospital. Over the course of the week, 20 people would visit him/her. On Sabbath morning the SS teacher would ask "who has visited a sick person?" and 20 hands go up. Sure enough, in next week's SS report the announcement would be made: "20 sick people were visited."


Yes, I am certainly glad that the church I attend does not do a SS report any more.



Thanks AJ


Is this for a written only or oral presentation during Sabbath School?
Its both because the written part is kept for records then the oral part is that it has to be presented during sabbath school! Thanks Sarah


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