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1. GO to any discussion with JohnB's "All Seeing Eye" symbol. 

2. Select the "All Seeing Eye" symbol with your mouse and drag and drop or save to your desktop for convenience.

After you have saved to your desktop, look at the file and its name. It reads "BigBrother1.jpg"





I OUTED JohnB long time ago about this, why would he still display Satanic symbol and the character of BigBrother as the file name still, after all this time, [which was when the new SDA logo was proven to be satanically inspired as Satanic and Cabala inspired numerically?], if he was ignorant at that time of its Satanic nature. So we have someone represented as a Christian, specifically supposedly SDA, who continually and knowingly displays his identity by a known evil symbol that ultimately represents Lucifer.

At that time I had Julie, a former witch of over 40 years of occult practice analyse the logo and his identity. She recognized by his symbol and words and how he operates that JohnB was no question a Luciferian operative. She recognized it right off the bat. I did also, but not to the degree of detail and knowledge she was able to bring up. 

Elijah and others recognized the Satanic symbolism. Thats when the JohnB Identity came to be recognized as Satanic also.

You can see the whole discussion or go to page 32 of: SDA Church logo- Babylon?

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Ok, I admit I haven't been on here much in a while....but I think I still have an idea of what this forum was for and how it works.  JohnB being the administrator and making a play on words regarding to be Big Brother...sort of familiar to those of us that lived through the eighties.  And I respect him for running this forum pretty much in the background.  I mean he could just block anyone or any topic he doesn't like.  And yeah, that comparison of his logo with the all seeing eye is about as relevant as saying Ellen White is an occult member because of the obelisk on her grave.  Sometimes concidences are just that.

I am more concerned that James French is on here with his beliefs without knowing his standing as an Adventist or non-Adventist.  If you don't like what you see on here, why are you on here, James?  Are you a member of the SDA church?  I can't see you being one with your views on speaking in tongues.  If you aren't, then why are you bothering with coming on here?  Is it to learn or to sow discord or to try to draw Adventists away to your beliefs or church?  If you consider it your right to question John's use of a photo, I should have the right and expectation that you are willing to be honest about yourself.  I simply don't put my faith in someone who can't be honest.

JohnB is the administrator? why hasn't he been accepting new members? does he have the power to do that?

Mr Clark is the administrator...

We are the administration by the help of the Holy Spirit... Brother Clark and AO has been off the scene for a while.. We must self examine ourselves and then be able to discuss things in a Christ like manner.
If you stand in the truth, then what are people afraid of? Let's not let let none SDA or even SDA in, they are rocking the boat, well, if the boat has leaks (leaven, false doctrines and practices) it will eventually sink.
Most established institutions have a problem in not reforming or allowing change or criticism; the churches, the government, political parties, corporations, and especially denominations.

There are plenty of SDA forums that invite non-members. This is not one of them.

You decided to dishonestly join this site - and remain here. Instead of going somewhere else you insist on inflicting yourself on us here. Why?

It has been explained to you multiple times that this is a site for SDAs yet despite you being fully aware of that you would rather remain here hurling accusations at members and our church. Why? 

Is it a question of "I'm a liar who is here to give the truth"?

You like your all seeing eye, so does Disney.

As mentioned, Clark is the owner/administrator.

There is no moderation/administration taking place on this board as the owner appears to have abandoned the forum. There were a couple of clear warnings that this would happen and it is rather a sad end.

As you are probably aware, the forum was originally created as a site for Seventh-day Adventist singles, to enable SDAs to have somewhere online to meet and chat. It then developed into more of a general chat forum and grew to become one of the biggest SDA chat forums on the internet. The criteria for joining the site are that one should be a Seventh-day Adventist and agree to "uphold the principles and beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist church in your conduct on this site and follow the Site Rules & Guidelines".

At its height this forum was the "go-to" site if one wanted to know what SDAs are thinking on the various topics, in particular, for example, when looking at womens' ordination.

Sadly this forum is nothing like it was. As far as I can see this is caused by two problems:

Firstly, the number of non-SDAs who have deliberately lied to get on the site and continue their dishonesty by the ongoing breaking of the agreement that they entered into to gain access to this site. As rightly pointed out, it is hard to trust a liar. For whatever their reason they are determined to remain on the site and insist on posting against the rules they agreed to keep.
Secondly, the refusal to self-moderate. Often it is the same non-Adventists who refuse to heed advice or follow requests for them to abide by the rules. On a site that was at one time known for being a place where theological discussion takes place some members insist on being rude, offensive, personalising responses and carrying grudges. All things that are prohibited by the rules, which were fairly enforced by moderators. No-one has a right to be rude but sadly some posters insist that thy have a right to ignore the rules. I echo your point that it is very hard to trust anyone whose initial approach is based on deceit. Rather like the Jesuits, excusing sin for the greater good.

In regard to James, he is a good example of the above. He is not an Adventist but insists on posting on an SDA-only site. Whenever anyone disagrees with him he launches personal attacks, often exaggerating the circumstance to absolve himself - hence this thread.

You refuse to address why you display a Luciferian symbol by using your own face and calling the file name of that symbol BigBrother? I have attended SDA churches, from 2011 onward. I have many SDA FRIENDS.
So you admit that you are a compulsive liar?
There was a statement that all were welcome here when I joined. It was not clear to me that you had to be an SDA member. Researching the truth and standing on truth and having allegiance to God and exposing false doctrines and practices is what being a Christian IS. Putting anything, including any denomination including SDA above God is wrong.

I had to learn that lesson when I left an organization in 1987 along with thousands of others at that time. JohnB, as a Christian you should not glorify Lucifer and mock Christ, I would never use Satanic symbols as identity anywhere, any place or any time as my personal identity.
Thousands left the organization I used to be in for many reasons. Not only adultery and abuse of power and money, but also the failure to allow dissent, to question doctrines or practices, as anyone that brought up any question about doctrines, practices or corruption were expelled and banned, even those things that were contrary to the scriptures. Will you do that here also? Just like the Catholic Church. I cooperate with many Christians including SDA members, and I pray for many including SDA members. But I hold the truth above all things...not any church organization.
We are not supposed to worship any church, but worship God through Jesus Christ.


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