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How can we help to save persons who reached suicidal stage to find hope and live?

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Daniel yes we must pray- this is a must, but how do we distract and help to change the mind of such persons.


Sis. Redva

you must know someone who is thinking of doing this. what can you do

Over the week just past my girlfriend only son who was having some family challenges left the house and some hours afterwards they found him dead on a canal bank. It was diagnosed that he took overdose of sleeping pills. house, Could his love ones have prevented this? How?



Sis. Redva

 sorry about that. i dont have a answer

i can say this, so many out there are messed up. there ready to give up.  because the every day battle is non stop. are we representing the Christ like character. reaching out and loving those who are tired and ready to quit. i love this picture

Thanks Daniel- I lik this picture too. We can cry from our hearts to God to save us like how Peter cried. " Lord Save me."



Sis. Redva

Yes what  Daniel says pray and along with praying show them the love of Jesus. People take their lives because they feel as if it is the only option that they have to be free from problems, burdens, sins etc. They feel as if their lives is without meaning and filled with hopelessness, so they need to feel and know that they are valuable and loved. They need to know that their life is precious and worthy to be lived because our Saviour has died so that we might live. 

Practical ways you can help someone that is suicidal 

First you must recognize the warning signs: talks of taking their life, depression, anti social, but then again some people are good at hiding their emotions so this can be tricky specially if you are not really close to the person.

 2.Let them know that  you are concern about them and let them know that you are there to support them.

 3. Listen to them with out judging them. make them feel comfortable and allow them to be transparent.          

 4. Give them advice on their problems or have them see a pastor or even a psychologist           




i understand emotions. i can be emotional. and i can hide them too.  the word of God says, is Gods hand to short that it cannot save or help. i think most of us have experienced some of this in our life. we live in a scared world. do we run from those that are like that or do we embrace them

Daniel, a questio foe all of us to ponder.


Sis. Redva

Great Cynthia. This is very useful. There are so many things that depress us these days. It is the enemy's plan for us to doubt God and lose confidence in Him. The song says, " The hotter the battle the sweeter the victory." Let us understand that we cannot fight and win the battle- it is not ours its the Lord's. Leave it to Him.



Sis. Redva

yep......and we fight not against flesh and blood but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places Ephesians 6:12 


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