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Why is SDA church condemning eating meat?

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I know of the clean beasts in Genesis 7:2. However, since man didn't eat meat before the Flood, I understand it to mean "clean" in terms of ritual sacrifice.

I may stand corrected, but this is the only way I can make sense of many statements that Paul speaks of in the Scriptures.

I do believe Gentiles are to keep a form of kosher (i.e. not eat the blood of any animal). Strangled animals would obviously retain their blood in them.

Let me gather my Scriptures up and I'll get back to you. Right now, I'm sick and so I'm on the Gatorade diet. :D LOL.
I hear your argument Derek but we must consider this were all class os clean animals appropriate for sacrifice. Or were there specific animals that were to be used in sacrifice. I would like to suggest that all sacrficial animals were clean animals but not all clean animals were sacrficial animals
I would like to submit this article for your approval:
The Dietary Laws of the Bible

I don't want to divert topic, though. This article is about meat eating versus vegetarianism, not which meats are okay to eat, so from henceforth, I will refuse to answer unless either a) a new topic is started or b) someone brings it to me in private.

God Bless. :)
Derek thanks for the article it was very insightful and informative and certainly put a spin on things. However I still stand on the thought that all sacrificial animals were clean but not all clean animals were sacrificial animals. To me this means that the clean animals were more than just for sacrifice they were also for food.

I further believe that there are/were institutions than existed before the laws of Moses that Gentiles are obligated to acknowledge. Also bear in mind that some of the instructions that Moses gave were really just reminders to the Children of Israel of how the were to conduct their lives.

Institutions like the Sabbath, tithes to name 2 are things that became synonymous with the Jews were were not Jewish in their origin or started with Moses, I would like to believe that that the distinction of clean/ unclean food is to be added to that list.

Eating Kosher is still commanded.

Says HaShem(Lev 11 & 1 Tim 4).
haShem? You mean you are speaking in tongues without providing a translator? Or are you just identifying yourself as a Jew? Or maybe you are talking about King Abdullah of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan?

If you can't speak his name, or even say "The Name" in the language of the people you are addressing are we to then assume he has not written his name on your forehead and thus you have no authority to speak in that name? (Rev 14:1, 22:4)

You choose everyday on what you shall eat.

True, but they ate meat immediatly after they sinned. They had to eat crow. TIC G LOL


If you insist on being so proper, the soybean would be included in the Eden diet if the plant existed there. The diet given as you have so frequently pointed out is fruits, nuts and grains. This would include ALL fruits which would include the pod of the bean plant, as well as gourds/squash and many other fruits that we so often classify as vegetables simply because they are not sweet.

Genesis 1:29 Then God said, "I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food." This includes ALL fruits with the seed inside them and ALL seeds as food.
And as we know .... she may have 'counseled' but she ate meat most all of her life. Nowadays .... eating veges is just as dangerous as eating meat. Times change.

If the "she" you are referring to is Ellen White. You may want to put that statement in a more accurate context.

Yes, times change, however, the human body is still the one God created to begin with, even if it much the worse for people choosing to do things their way rather then submitting to God's revealed will.



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