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Why is SDA church condemning eating meat?

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I'm no health expert, but I'm fairly certain you have to consume a lot of veggies to make up for the calories, protein, etc. which are freely available and replete in meat, right?

I'm not a health expert either, but I've seen this excuse way too often. The animals get those nutrients in their flesh from the plants they eat. Most whole grains and beans are heavily loaded with proteins as are some other foods and I have seen some people who are vegetarian test as having too much protein in their systems and it is excreted in their urine. As for calories, I've known a lot of very fat vegetarians. I have not been fat but have had to watch my weight since a high carbohydrate diet is so common among SDA's and other vegetarians even if they do not use excessive amounts of sweeteners.

Brother, I would say you need a better excuse if you think you must justify eating meat.

I'm not advocating a vegetarian diet as biblically necessary because it is just too easy to prove that a Hebrew, especially a priest, could not be a vegetarian without sinning. They all had to eat the flesh of the Passover lamb, and the priest had to eat the flesh of the sin offering to bear the sins of the people. Nadab and Abihu died specifically for failure to do so. Read that story in Leviticus 11 much more carefully than I've ever seen SDA's do and get to the result of Moses investigation as to why the priests suffered this judgment against them.

In addition to the priests being required to eat the flesh of the sin offering unless it was a bull offered for the sins of the priests or the nation, there were other offerings the people were supposed to eat including the Passover lamb and the fellowship/peace/freewill offering. Three times a year the men were required to present themselves before God in the place where he chose to place his name, first Shiloh and later Jerusalem, and eat the offerings there. These three times were Passover, the Feast of Weeks (Pentecost) and the Feast of Tabernacles. If they did not do so they were to be cut off from their people. Being cut off could be as simple as losing certain rights and could be as severe as exile or death. We are not told the specific level of punishment to be given in these cases but it was not so severe as exile or death.

Numbers 9:13 But if a man who is ceremonially clean and not on a journey fails to celebrate the Passover, that person must be cut off from his people because he did not present the LORD's offering at the appointed time. That man will bear the consequences of his sin.

It was simply impossible for any Hebrew to be a full-time vegetarian and not sin.
I know of no such condemnation. Most SDAs and even SDA leaders eat meat. No problem. Don't feel condemned. Go for it.
Yes, there are some limitations. Those are clearly outlined in God's word. But in general meat is fine. After all Jesus ate beef and fish.
"Most SDAs and even SDA leaders eat meat"( your quotation)..

And from what source do you derive this statistic? Yes, I know that only 40% of Adventists are vegetarian but I do not believe that you have any backup for your conclusion.
Try the Loma Linda Health Study . Only 4% of SDAs are vegan. That should give you an idea. You say it's 40%. I said it may even be 49% who are vegetarians. The Loma Linda Heath Study says it's 4%. Either way .... my point is proven. "Most" or what we call a "Majority". Otherwise known as 51%. And you have verified that vegetarians are in the minority.
Vegetarian does not necessarily mean vegan. There are three main categories of vegetarian and vegan is only one of them. Furthermore, EGW counseled very strongly against a vegan diet in her day. I don't have the exact references in front of me but in Counsels on Diet and Foods there are numerous such statements.

She recommended a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet and did not condemn those vegetarians who also ate white meat (fish and poultry) because at that time it was simply impossible to get enough of the nutrients necessary for the body to build the full B-Vitamin complex, and some of those vitamins can only be made in the body of an animal. There were several Adventists all over the country ruining their health and that of their families by trying to be vegan, although that word was not known at the time. In at least one of those articles or letters she did say that once transportation and food preservation technology advanced enough it may be possible to have the vegan diet and maintain health, but it was not possible in those days.

Loma Linda is saying 4% vegan, but the study you cite apparently is not giving numbers of all vegetarians. When I was in academy in the 70's they were saying 50% of SDA's were vegetarian of one of the three categories and most were lacto-ovo vegetarians. They also said there were only 10% or less of all adventists who had never eaten any meat in all their lives, and because the numbers were so few they had to abandon some of the studies they wished to do on the long term effects of vegetarianism because they could not get enough study participants who really had been long-term vegetarian.
What the light shared by the church regarding the danger of "meat-eating" should not be seen as "condemning". Search around the buzz words cancer, heart attack, diabetes, stroke, etc and usually are close connected with meat-eating. The cholesterol, anti-biotic in meat, heavy metals in fish, bacteria contaminants in meat is always the culprit.

Be a veg if not, try real vegetarian chicken instead....
yeah..the best way is vegetarian..easy n simple
Amen and Amen
What, pray tell, is "real vegetarian chicken"?
Though not direct response yet it is related Pleas see below.

Agra: Milk adulteration on the rise

Raid unearths milk adulteration scam

Milk The Deadly Poison WATCH THIS!!!

Do You Drink Milk? 28 Things You Should Know

"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease." —Thomas Edison
what up with all this strife and debate? And why is it that everytime the subject of meat eating pops up that the common most popular comment is made that "Jesus ate fish". hahaha i find it quite funny wow. But here is my question would he eat it today? It is not eve safe to eat meat today like it was years ago even in the days of Christ. If it was safe to eat meat today i would eat it no doubt. I would follow the levitical laws by cleaning it and draining the blood out. Remember when Elijah during the 3 years of no rain, God sent ravens to feed him bread and flesh. It is NOT a sin to eat meat. If it was a sin to eat meat then Jesus would not have eaten it. However like i said the meat today is not healthy and it would be wise to refrain from all meats. We want clear minds and clear thoughts. Meat was not God's oringinal diet for us anyway. It was fruits,nuts,vegetables. Look at Daniel chapter 1 and see how the Lord blessed Daniel and his fellows for eating his diet plan he gave for man in the beginning. If you believe in the SOP it tells us it is not safe now to eat any types of meat or dairy products. Let me say this if you are eating egggs, it is considered meat. Why? because you are eating a whole chicken when you think about it. hahaha. And for those who say that fish is the safest meat to eat hahaha no its not it is the most unsafe. So i encourage you to put away those flesh pots and feels that pot with healthy green leafy vegetables. i have been a vegetarian for a year and a half now and i am not even looking back tofu all the way lol
Bro Sean

Thanks for your post, but the fact is, not even the vegetables are safe to eat a causal research will testify of that.
And again we go back to man's original diet, well it did not included vegetables, vegetables was actually included after sin. So we should be striving to be Fruitarians and Nutians, so all the shout about being vegetarians we are still not fulfilling God's original diet. God's original diet did not included cooked food and yet we all cook over food.
Sometimes we argue that we wont be eating meat or fish in heaven, bu then again we won't be eating cooked food either. I have no problem recommending a sensible vegetarian diet as a healthier option. My problem is when we put forward a vegetarian diet as if it's a salvation issue.


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