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Why is SDA church condemning eating meat?

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As usual Charlie .... you bring out some good points.

When it comes to meat eating I think that each person is different and responds differently. Some people are allergic to peanuts. I am not. I eat meat because I like it and it works out well for me.

To each his or her own.

What we need is a close relationship with Jesus and HE will inspire us as to what battles to choose.
I'll start another one then. Jesus ate lamb. Had to, if He was going to be a Law-abiding Messiah. Otherwise, He would have broke the Torah.

Read Numbers 9. All who didn't eat the Passover were cut off.

And again:
Now the Spirit expressly says that in later times some will depart from the faith by devoting themselves to deceitful spirits and teachings of demons, through the insincerity of liars whose consciences are seared, who forbid marriage and require abstinence from foods that God created to be received with thanksgiving by those who believe and know the truth. For everything created by God is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving, for it is made holy by the word of God and prayer (1 Timothy 4:1-5).

People who are saying God tempted man to do evil are committing blasphemy. Because God tempts no one to do evil (James 1:13). If He required man to eat the Passover lamb and it was a sin, He would have tempted man to do evil and would have been an evil God Himself.
5. Jesus did not only eat lamb and fish, as a Jew Jesus eat every clean meat that was place on the table, he was a child and he eat what was provided by his parents and as an adult he often eat at the homes of fellow Jews who had no issues with clean meat. Daniel did not eat meat for the same reasons that Paul expounded on, it was offered to idols or in the case of Daniel the gods of Babylon. There is no scriptural reference which infers that Daniel never eat meat again, the very idea that he was Jewish negates against this notion. All Jews eat the Passover and take part in different Sabbaths where meat was eaten and wine was drank ( not grape Juice) You seem to think you have all the answers laughing hee hee ha ha attacking eggs this is what your SOP has to say on eggs
6. That same year (1869) she also wrote a letter to a “Brother and Sister E.” In a simple sentence she stated flatly: “ Eggs should not be placed upon your table.” Why? “ They are an injury to your children” 2 Testimonies 400
7. “ In some cases the use of eggs is beneficial” 7 Testimonies 135 “ In some cases of persons whose blood- making organs are feeble...milk and eggs should not be wholly discarded.” Ministry of Healing 320
8. “ While warnings have been given...yet we should not consider it a violation of principle to use eggs from hens that are well cared for and suitably fed. Eggs contain properties that are remedial agencies in counteracting certain poisons” in the body. 9 Testimonies 162
9. One example of extremism happened in the life of Dr. Daniel Kress who became anemic from his abstinence of all animal products without a proper wholesome diet in replacement. Ellen White recommended that he change his eating habits and eat a raw egg in a glass of grape juice two or three times a day in order to receive “the nourishment that he greatly needed.” Letter 37, 1904.
10. Second Rule The time, place, and circumstances of the giving of the message should be considered.

This is the fundamental problem Ellen white was able to objectively look at individual situations and make adjustments, unlike the meat is bad people. Have you gone to every country and test the meat to make this sweeping assertion? I studied agriculture and it is well known that plants can pose a health risk to persons and the chemicals organic and inorganic use in plant production are lethal to human being. As a wise brother alluded to not every body can eat your tofu and soya products, which was developed in a lab and not back in Eden. The current hybrid of soya bean , which makes up 86 percent of the soya consumed is owned by Monsanto. All foods meat or plant can be contaminated my chemicals or harmful organisms. Since all plants came from Eden and therefore part of the original diet I dare to go out side and eat any plant you get. If you discriminate in what plants you eat, then we are intelligent enough to discriminate what meats we eat. I have not eaten chicken in six months because I don’t like the quality of what is available. I practiced vegetarianism for over six years, before; I realized that leguminous plants gave me gas, which is painful; for me. According to you I should disregard my discomfort and continue to eat soya so I could get to heaven or be healthy. The persons with allergies should all eat the plant food they are allergic to. If you want to be a vegetarian go right ahead but don’t try to make unsubstantiated claims to support your diet or laugh at people who do not eat what you eat. Listen to the words of Paul and do not judge other in meat or the Sabbath days.
But those specifically referenced in the Bible by God (Leviticus 11). WAS a clean meat but time 5-10 years that alowed meat is not anymore a clean meat, coz all kind of meat is full of chimicals, (they grow the animals with chimicals and anti-biotic etc.., heavy metals in fish, bacteria contaminants and many other kind of sicknes in meat. Some are not imediately transmited in our body or will have only later any influence in our healt.
Like the crazy cow from england what have a very dangerous bacteria that got inside our body... but only after 10-15 years we got complectly sick and die. I wonder how many will be sick, someday.. coz that powerful bacteria.
EGW said that in the end time many people will die coz all kind of sicknes and will die like the insects.

My question to you is: HOW you will aply that bible verse Romans 14:23 in a world full of sick meat ???...
HOW YOU WILL EAT THAT MEAT WITOUTH TO HAVE ANY DUBTS to the time you alredy know about all kind of chimicals in meat and all kind of sicknes...
That bible verse say clearly that you do sin if you DOUBTS the meat what you buy and eat..

Romans 14:23 (New King James Version)
23 But he who DOUBTS is condemned if he eats, because he DOES NOT EAT FROM FAITH; for whatever is not from faith is SIN.

I think that one bible verse should be enouhg for us to see that we live alredy in a world where (time some years) our clean meat is not anymore clean... and wilL be a SIN to continue to eat a meat what is not anymore clean.
Never forgot that: EVERY TIME the Holy Ghost will remember you that the meat what you buy and eat, cannot be anymore safe for your healt.. but if you will say "NO, to the Holy Ghost" and you will continue to eat... then you will do SIN coz you will eat that meat WITH DOUBTS !!!.
And the one who continue to eat with DOUBTS.. he will eat AGAINST the Holy Ghost voice of your conscinece... and that will be a life in SIN against the Holy Ghost, and the person wil be not saved..

Dont play with Holy Ghost`s voice to the time He will come to tell you (in your mind).. about what is good and what not good for you.. about what is SIN ans what is not sin... coz right now you live in the time God make the selection... to see who is ready to hear all time Holy Ghost`s voice....

And not forgot that the smal things, (cts) make the big things... and Satan will come to you for the smal things, coz in that way he will be more succesful..
He know that for that smal things you will be all the time ready to close your eyes..and to let him to have anything from you.... one by one... till he will have YOU... someday..and you will only wonder why you will be lost forever.....
Read Romans 14 in context. The context is eating meat sacrificed to idols. Some with weak faith thought they could eat only vegetables. In Paul's mind, nothing is common and of itself, but if a person feels it is wrong, they sin because they do so out of mistrust.

Summary version of Romans 14. :) Now go and read!
Has the church become like the Pharisees of old argueing about the "legality" of this and that ?

The reason that God gave them flesh during the time during the wilderness is because the people were choosing to NOT follow God by complaining against the diet that God Himself sent down in the form of manna. So because they choose not to follow God He gave them what they wanted and then some. God was showing the people of Israel that not only did He have the power to lead them out of bondage from Egypt, but He also had the power to lead them out of bondage to mankinds way of doing things, including diet. Note that this diet of manna was from God Himself, so all of the proper nutrients would be included in the manna.

In the miracle that Jesus brought about with the loaves and the fishes, His primary concern was thier direct spiritual needs, healing of the sick, etc. The meat was the best nourishment at the time, and that was what was served.

Yes, a vegetarian diet, providing the food comes from an organic farm where non-pesticides, etc. are used, and the proper ratio of proteins/minerals/vitamens/ etc are obtained, is more healthy than a meat based diet. There is the catch though. You have to have the proper ratio of proteins etc. And the idea that one has to eat raw fruits and nuts like Adam and Eve to me is a little on the absurd side, since Adam and Eve lived in a perfect garden of Eden, where the food of that garden was vastly different from what we have today, along with the fact that the digestive system of Adam and Eve was far greater at digesting food than what are present bodies are.

So, if you don't have the ability, for whatever reason, to have a vegetarian diet, then a meat based diet is acceptable. I for one am still on a meat based diet. And yes the clean foods are the best for you, since the food the animals eat comes from plant food, not other animals or garbage, etc. And if you can get your clean meat from sources that do not use hormones, etc, then that is even better.

One thing one has to remember, your diet will NOT save you. The only thing that WILL save you is Jesus. So don't begin to think that being a vegetarian is a requirement for being a Christian. The diet issue is a HEALTH issue, and what is best for your health in your particular situation is what you need to go with until you can get in a position to get on a better diet.
Simple answer to your opening question: YES. It has been so all my life, and judging from what the adults had to say when I was a kid it had been so all their lives as well. This denomination has yet to learn those lessons.
We all know as Adventists that generally the healthiest diet does not include lots of meat or any meat at all, that being said one can have an unhealthy diet as a vegan and a healthy diet as a meat eater, extremes can occur on both plates.
Its funny when it comes to health we in the west we focus totally on meat eating and ignore the elephant in the room of being obese or overweight, or being mentally healthy, we need less talk about meat and more talk about getting off our seats and out of our cars and exercising.
Today no diet is 100% ideal, the soil is polluted, the air is polluted, water is polluted, both meat, fish, poultry and vegetables are polluted. So what can we eat, we need to eat something hence we say grace before meals cos it is because of the grace of God whatever we eat does not harm us.
Well said and i absolutely agree with you sister Denny.
Sister you are very wise and that is the outlook of a deep thinker, thanks its refeshing to hear from the normal persons, the fanatics are killing me faster than meat
The meats that are cut in these american meat factories are not Kosher. They do not cut the animal Kosher, and they do not drain the blood out properly. We are not supposed to consume blood(Lev 17), and we are not supposed to eat non-kosher animals(Lev 11). We are to be obedient to this, even if we are to become vegetarians until we can get our hands on some kosher meat. There are many stores online that you can order fresh Kosher meat. They will deliever it to your house.

The crux of the situation is in the last part of your last sentence.

". . . to eat whatever we want."

This is the problem with all of the dietary issues that tend to surface. We want to eat it and we are not about to allow God or church or any person to tell us differently. It is this attitude that will cause us to be lost, not the flesh. The only ones who will walk the streets of Gold are the ones who have determined here to only do what God asks them to do, whether it makes any sense to them at all. God is seeking those who will obey Him, not those who just agree with Him.

In Revelation 3:21, we are told that if we overcome in the same manner that Jesus overcame, we will sit on His throne as He has sat down on His Father's home. When I first discovered this truth, I wanted to know how did Jesus overcome? So, since I knew that the gospel of John was written after the book of Revelation, I turned to his gospel and read it through in one sitting. I was looking to see if John told us how Jesus overcame. Indeed he did. The clearest of several texts is John 5:30. I like the way the NASB renders it. It says that Jesus did nothing on His own initiative, He only did what His Father told Him to do. He overcame by only doing what God told Him to do.

If we expect to reign with Him, we have to overcome our opinions and independence in the same way Jesus did, with a total submission of our will to His.

We can talk about no butchershops in heaven. That is true.

We can talk about not eating any blood or fat or we incur a death sentence. That is also true.

We can talk about the fact that Jesus ate fish. That is true.

We can talk about the fact that if all blood and fat are removed, that the appeal of meat will be lost. Which is also true.

We can talk about the biological fact that the blood is, among other things, the sewage system of our body. Which is true.

We can talk about the fact that it is the urine in the blood that give it a major part of its taste. So true.

We can talk about the fact that when the animal is slaughtered, that the ardrenal gland empties itself into the blood in a "fight or flight" response. Which is true.

We can talk about the fact that the food that is given to raise the animals will feed many more people then the meat can feed. A major waste of recources.

We can talk about the fact that the pesticies, medications etc. etc. etc., has made flesh food a major health risk. So very true, except that people do not want to know this.

We can talk about the fact that when one injests flesh food that they are taking in disease in major quantity. A fact that cannot be denied.

We can talk about the fact that we are what we eat. That is something no one can deny.

We can talk about the fact that the meat sources tend to induce large amounts of chloresterol, fat, and other things that cause one to have a major problem with weight. A pandemic today.

We can talk about the fact that one's attitude is to a great degree influenced by flesh foods. A fact.

Oh this is not all, other points can be listed.

However, for me, the most impelling reason to follow the original diet given to the human race in Eden is: I love Him and I know that what He asks me to do is what is best for me. I need no other reason then that one.

My second most impelling reason is this.

It is a biological fact, don't even bother to try to refute it, that flesh foods benumb the brain so that one is not capable of knowing truth. Note what inspiration says:

Christ's Victory in Our Behalf

(1876) 4T 44
237. In the wilderness of temptation Christ met the great leading temptations that would assail man. There He encountered, single-handed, the wily, subtle foe, and overcame him. The first great temptation was upon appetite; the second, presumption; the third, love of the world. Satan has overcome his millions by tempting them to the indulgence of appetite. Through the gratification of the taste, the nervous system becomes excited and the brain power enfeebled, making it impossible to think calmly or rationally. The mind is unbalanced. Its higher, nobler faculties are perverted to serve animal lust, and the sacred, eternal interests are not regarded. When this object is gained, Satan can come with his two other leading temptations and find ready access. His manifold temptations grow out of these three great leading points.
{CD 151.1}

Time is passing, and the work to be accomplished by our Sanitarium is as yet scarcely begun. In our institution we wish to teach health and temperance principles from the Bible standpoint. All need to understand how to preserve physical health, that the bodies which God has created may be presented to Him a living sacrifice, fitted to render Him acceptable service. The right balance of the mental and moral powers depends to a great degree upon the right condition and action of the physical system. Through indulgence of perverted appetite man loses his power to resist temptation. The sure effect of narcotics and unnatural stimulants as tea, coffee, tobacco, beer and wine, is to enfeeble and degrade the physical nature, and lower the tone of intellect and morals. Any unnatural excitement of the nervous system affects the brain nerve power. We have a work before us to educate the people, line upon line, and precept upon precept. We must teach them that health and even life is endangered by the use of stimulants which excite the exhausted energies to unnatural, spasmodic action. {San, January 1, 1900 par. 3}

From experience, I know the power of Satan's temptations. I need all the help I can get in that battle. Heaven is far too important to me to risk it for a slab of dead animal. Especially since it will deaden the only channel by which the Holy Spirit can help me resist Satan's temptations.

The reader may do as he/she pleases, but for me and my house, we will serve the Lord, who I want to live with for eternity. That is why I do not include flesh foods in my diet.

Maranatha :)


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