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Why is SDA church condemning eating meat?

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To the best of my knowledge ... the church has no such official stand. And most SDAs DO eat clean meat. The only stand we have is against UN-clean meats. We do clearly teach the differences and I support that.

Only 4% of North American SDAs are vegan according to the recent LLU study of over 90,000 SDAs.

Read the good posts by Gabe and Michael. Excellent guys. And yes ... Jesus ate beef and fish. I see no biblical reason why we shouldn't.
well let me ask this which will give me cancer quicker chicken or a head of cabbage? :D
Neither. But they are equally dangerous for ones health.
Watch out for salmonella poisoning.
The cabbage with if it has been sprayed with chemicals and please give the evidence for linking chicken with cancer

True, Jesus ate kosher beef and fish. Flish from which all blood and fat had been removed. Don't leave that out. And yes, if that is the condition of the flesh you eat, then fine. However, are we seeking for the lowest possible level of obedience, or are we so much in love with Jesus that we are seeking every possible way to please Him?

The last church in Revelation 3 is characterized by needing a dose of the heavenly eyesalve. The reason is that they are not able to see what is wrong with things. Their opinions blind them to the plainest statements in the Bible. Then they piously claim that if they cannot see anything wrong with it, that it must be OK. After all, what more reason can you expect? They are the final word on the subject, right?

Who is the safest one to listen to? The one who cannot see or the one who can see? What do you think?

Maranatha :)
When Ellen White talked about not eating meat, she mentioned that the first diet given to man was in the garden of Eden and was vegetarian. Now there are poisons in the meat, hormones, antibiotics, chemicals; and the processing of the meat is terrible. Meats are allowed to be sold even if there is disease cut out of them. Who even dreamed that we would be in this place when Ellen White counseled against eating meat? She said many other things about it also.
I said it before I will say it again the first diet given to man was not a vegetrian diet, the first diet given to man was a Frutarian/ Nutian diet. The first diet given to man was an uncooked diet which did not incuded potatoes, cabbage, lettuce, carrots, yam, spinach. These were added to the man's diet after the fall and that inclused the soy bean too.

So by all means promote a non meat diet as a better alternative, but let us stop this nonsense of trying to defend our doctrine by going back to the garden of eden and claiming that they did not eat meat in the Garden of Eden.
Yes bro before sin they did not eat meat and my point is they did not eat cook food either they only ate fruits and nuts. After sin they were allowed to eat vegetables (which was original for the animals). After the flood man was allowed to eat clean meat. I know and understand that a non meat diet is a healthier option but only if it is accompanied other aspect of healthy living. Like adequate rest, daily exercise, sunshine, water etc etc etc. Just cutting flesh and flesh product out of your diet does not make you healthier it has to be part of a wholistic programme for one to reap the the benefits.

And more importantly is no more of a salvation issue than is regular exercise opr adequate rest.
You're right, Charlie. It was fruits and nuts. And no, it is not a prequsite for salvation!
Actually, with Noah, it was any meat. Read Genesis 9.

Question is if you believe kosher to be part of the schoolmaster or not. I, personally, do, because I think worrying about what one eats gets in the way of the Gospel. Whereas, I think, the kosher laws given in Leviticus 11, which were in connection with the Temple ("clean"/"unclean" in Leviticus denotes ceremonial cleanliness), were meant to keep the Israelites separate from the surrounding nations by making them worry not just about what they ate, but also what they touched (since kosher laws in Leviticus 11 concern more than just eating the meat, touching the corpse of the unclean animal makes one unclean also). In order to eat the Passover, one had to be clean, which was paramount, due to risk of being cut off [although a second chance was given in the following month] (Numbers 9).

The ceremonial cleanliness laws were superseded by Christ.
Derek many folks exlain Gen as any meat but I beg to differ. God is a master designer and is well ahead of us in making provision for us. However if we abide by the ruke of a little here and little then we avoid falling into misunderstandings.

If we read Gen 7:2 it states
"Of every clean beast thou shalt take to thee by sevens, the male and his female: and of beasts that are not clean by two, the male and his female". Please note that the distinction between Clean meat and Unclean was made in Gen 7. So the concept that clean meat v unclean meat is a Jewish thing is not supported by scriptures. So when God told Noah I give you every living thing that moveth for food, I believe it has to be viewed from what was already established. Why were the Clean animals in 7 and the unclean by 2. Obviously God knew that after the flood He was going to introduce clean meats into the diet.

No I do not believe Kosher to be part of the school master/ Jewish Law. I was infact reading Acts for my devotion this morning and at the Council of Jerusalem, the Apostles decreed that the Gentles did not have to be circumcised, however James advised then not to eat blood,or any meat that was strangled or offered to idols. I believe also that this list would have included unclean meat.


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