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Should our church join like in DEBATE! I have seen no good impression when it comes to debate, all is ended with angry and conflict with another Christian denomination, instead bringing more people to Christ... many people refused because our preachers instead to share the truth, insults and "no-good conversation" takes place... !
.... Should our church necessarily to join in such particular event like "debate" publicly?
.... What is your view regarding this issue since our Church particular in some places are active in this event. YEs or No? What do you think?

How about if our church was invited to have a public debate? what will be your response to it? If you will refused then they will say.. we are not the "truth"? What do you think the best response to the people esp. to those who invited us in public debate......

please see more in the youtube: thanks. sda debate

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As an Adventist, I suggest that we should avoid doing such thing... It is not the right way to bring people to know deeply about Christ... Majority debates ends in misunderstanding between both parties that take place... However, a proper discussion with the help from the experts may help increase understanding and respect to each denomination in any debates...
I see no fruit in debating with our community. Those who debate ... have no desire to know truth ... just to win.
yeah, thats true...
I for one will agree with you Bro. Ian. It's only good to debate when it helps each one grow by not throwing negative words/comments. I doubt, if the all the reactors and commentators are all smart with their opinions and no one will humble himself it would surely mislead and misguide our readers. When everyone is conscious with their words, there will be a harmonious debate.

Again, a debate is good if it's healthy debate, no faultfinding, no embarrassing and no emotional hitting.
Debates are good, if done within the family.
Now for SDAs to go to radio stations, TVs for debates it makes no sense, like the previous discussants have pointed out, it's all about winning and the person will walk out of the studio with head high if they have won. Now right there, it shows pride, and the Lord's name isn't glorified, it will be a showoff, Bro. A knows the bible, he defeated B and C on air!

The bible clearly says, The Lord has to be lifted up, and during those debates I highly doubt the presence of the Holy Spirit. The way the Lord functions is not through debates, He presents the truth and if people take it Amen, if they refuse then judgment will be upon them.

Christ didn't go to pharisees to challenge them, they sought him and when they asked, he answered them. When he stood up to read in the temple, He read the words of God and sat down, they threw him out and he left. Spiritual things are not discerned with a carnal mind, but through the help of the Holy Ghost.

I don't agree with public debates, If they attack us on their TVs, radios, we also have our own radio stations we won't attack them, but only preach the truth. We have Adventist websites which we can print the present truth.
I don't think that is a good approach for us as a church. Unless of course these debates are controlled in terms of presentations, where each speaker is given a set of questions and time limit in which to answer the questions.
yeah... i agree with you guys... to present the whole truth is not just a click of debate... there are a lot of things to consider that people might understand esp. those who are still in doubt, the more debate happen the more people confused of if the The truth presenting is the real truth!... whereas, debate settings are only limited to present the truth as a whole..... and i find out DEBATE the word itself is a triggering to a tingling ear to burn oneself for a fight "something that connotes "wanna fight?!,...

How about if our church was invited to have a public debate? what will be your response to it? If you will refused then they will say.. we are not the "truth"? What do you think the best response to the people esp. to those who invited us in public debate.
thanks nanny... i like all the references you've present to us, that would be the good references for those ministers as well as church officers who involved in the public debate... i like to qoute this above.

"Those who love to debate are unfitted for being pastors to the flock. They have trained their minds to meet opponents, and to say sarcastic things; and they cannot come down to meet hearts that are sorrowing, and that need to be comforted. . . ."
Gospel Workers (1915), page 377

thats absolutely true! debates excites to makes "war", in principles and of personal affairs... seldom people who can hold his temper when pressured... most are trap with philosophical question that oust the truth presented, there could be no way with the Holy Spirit to come in, and every sides uses more logic and quoted the "bible verses" to fit with there explaination and philosophies that leds the hearers/audience into confusion. Thats why debates end no peace, " and peace is of God" war" is of satan... so sad to hear and to watch our church was involved, if you happen to read most comments, people are divided...

but nanny thanks for the compliments above, but i would like to ask here again... what then will be our response to such invitation... ??? Just never mind or what?
This is a nice post Sis. Nanny. This is a very informative comment...Thanks for sharing this...
That's what usually happens. I've read many threads that discuss a very sensitive issue(s). That's why it's not ideal for Christians to debate. It's better to discuss than that.

Certainly, I agree with you Bro. Edison. It's better to talk jokes...hehehehe...The only thing you can do is to laugh...hehehhe...Just like that...
ok ronnie... lets laugh together.. lol... (^_^)...
yea, I've seen these debates. But, why is it always the Adventist church against all other denominations, I've never seen like other groups debate with each other. Its always the Adventist church against all the other denominations together. Just wondering why, haven't heard much about debates but just asking.


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