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Should our church join like in DEBATE! I have seen no good impression when it comes to debate, all is ended with angry and conflict with another Christian denomination, instead bringing more people to Christ... many people refused because our preachers instead to share the truth, insults and "no-good conversation" takes place... !
.... Should our church necessarily to join in such particular event like "debate" publicly?
.... What is your view regarding this issue since our Church particular in some places are active in this event. YEs or No? What do you think?

How about if our church was invited to have a public debate? what will be your response to it? If you will refused then they will say.. we are not the "truth"? What do you think the best response to the people esp. to those who invited us in public debate......

please see more in the youtube: thanks. sda debate

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JesusChild4ever, i have no idea to your question... however your question,for me, was partially right... hope somebody could explain to us...
Thanks Joan.
In my mind ... no good can come from a Debate. Invite them to attend church and listen if they want to know truth.
Nanny, thank you for the excellent quotes.

There has to be a difference between dry, unprofitable debates and "contentions over words and over ideas " with a purpose.

Mrs. White quotes 2 Tim.2:14 which says, "Remind them of these things, charging them before the Lord not to strive about words to no profit, to the ruin of the hearers."

followed by this inspired comment upon that verse:

"What does that mean? It means that there may be contentions over words and over ideas, but they should be to a purpose, they should be to break down the stubbornness and the opposition that is in human hearts in order that their spirits may be softened and subdued, so that when the seeds of truth are dropped into the soil of the heart, they may take root there." E.G.White, Bible Commentary, Vol.7,917.

I am not so sure he would win. I love Doug but he is really not a theologian. Put him up against someone like Jon Paulien ... and see what happens.


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