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Just read what I posted. I stand behind it 100%.

Of course I do not stand behind any lies about what I posted.

Ummmm Actually EGW spoke against theaters............
Yes Gabe. God wants us to have joy. :)
Gab Satan is waiting for you.

Here is the def for fun. They should have taught you that one in the school back East.

Main Entry: fun
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: amusement, play
Synonyms: absurdity, ball*, big time, blast*, buffoonery, celebration, cheer, clowning, distraction, diversion, enjoyment, entertainment, escapade, festivity, foolery, frolic, gaiety, gambol, game*, good time, grins, high jinks, holiday, horseplay, jesting, jocularity, joke, joking, jollity, joy, junketing, laughter, living it up, merriment, merrymaking, mirth, nonsense, pastime, picnic, playfulness, pleasure, recreation, rejoicing, relaxation, riot, romp, romping, solace, sport, tomfoolery*, treat, whoopee


Part of Speech: noun
Definition: entertaining, making someone laugh
Synonyms: action, ball*, beguilement, cheer, delight, diversion, enjoyment, entertainment, field day, fun, fun and games, gladdening, gratification, grins, high time, hilarity, hoopla*, laughs, laughter, merriment, merry go round, mirth, picnic, play, pleasing, pleasure, regalement, whoopee
I think you should stick to the first one,
(just because EGW did ... does not mean that we have to)
I think Lincohn went to the theator to analyze society and thats why the jesuits had him shot.
Feed the masses entertainment has always been the jesuit doctrine on performing lobotomy.
Now we have a bunch of brain dead kids unable to detect error and the loss of a great nation due to diet and entertainment. We've succumbed well to jesuit football and movie theator prophecy.
Dont show us the explosives going off in the twin towers or tower 7 being "pulled" as silverstein put it ( our nation would never do that to us)....
dont expose the bombs found planted in The Federal Murrah Bldg in the early 90's... no no no thats conspiracy talk... those people steal attention.
Truth is stranger than fiction it's just that most of society is too dumbed down by flouride and aspartame there's simply no desire left.
Sure go ahead rent the DVDs or buy them for 5 bucks at Walmart then you can give more to the church.
Time is short brother The time is now if you want a free country to live in.
America was taken by jesuit hands and the catholic church and we dont dare say a word about it or it looks unchristian. That's foolishness. We all know our government is following a superior order and the News is a total controlled bunch of garbage. The twin towers we look over because we're in denial or our time hasnt come.
so.....what has that got to do with the truth?
Those who are 'foul' rarely have truth.
NHim: Those who are 'foul' rarely have truth.
Gab: Exactly NHim....It's called doctrine of devils.

Define FOUL: unclean. stinking, rank, polluted, tainted, soiled, fetid,unpleasant, disgusting, offensive, distasteful, coarse, filthy, indecent, dirty, dishonest, shady, criminal, treacherous, dishonorable, horrible, rotten, terrible, dreadful,.....get the point....That sounds like a lot of humans beings.
If not, we would already be with Jesus because we none of those attributes :>)
Well ... I think that most of the present company are without 'foul'.
Nicole, How about regular soda, shouldn't that need to go too. It's has carbonic acid.
ever go to the strip joints Gabe?


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