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I wrote this the other night, when I felt very convicted that I need to give up movies. Ellen White speaks very strongly against fiction, so I she would not encourage movie watching either. But here are my own thoughts and reasoning:


Tonight it is all very clear to my why God wants me to give up watching movies. My God is a God of truth. He is who He is; He never changes. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Lately, I have been very unsure of who I am. It's difficult to discern my feelings, and to tell what my true desires are, and what my true beliefs are as well. 

I have been staying at home during the day, while my brother Matthew is at boarding academy (they started school already, but I am going to Walla Walla University, which hasn't started yet.), my sister Fiona is in school, Mom is at work, and Dad is at work. I have been at home. Alone. And I have been getting lonely during the day, despite the tasks I have been working on.

So I end up watching movies to "keep me company" and not feeling so lonely.

So, in essense, my friends have been the movie stars. Tonight I was thinking to myself, "These people are not really who they say they are. They are not really in love. They are not really living these lives they depict on the screen of the movie." Well, duh. Everyone knows movies are not real. But still, these actors and actresses are lying about their true identity. They are kissing people they do not love, slapping people they do not hate, yelling at each other, and doing other such things that have no real meaning behind them

It's all empty. It's all a lie. Why do I want to watch a lie on the screen in front of me? What is the point? I am groping around in this dark closet called this world, when Jesus, the Light of the world, sends a ray right in front of my path. He calls to me, "Victoria, here, have a little Light so you can see where you're going." And, boy, do I need direction in this maze called life.

My answer Key to the puzzle is right here, by my side, and He's been here all along. He is faithful, and true. And this is no fairy tale. He is real.


P.S. The Devil and his angels are the best liars/actors in the universe. They show up to people as their loved ones risen from the dead, appear as things they are not. Why would I want to watch people do the Devil's best hobby?


Jesus never pretended to be something He was not. He was the Son of God, and He was completely truthful about who He was and why He was here.

I know of a couple on the first date that went to watch Bruce Almighty when it first come out. The couple decided to go down the front and make an alter call at the end....People were pretty spun out. Since no one got the courage to go down, they left and found some guys standing around in the parking lot. God revealed some stuff them about the 2 young men (what they were studying, plans and goals for their future) etc...They end up giving their lives to Christ because of the demonstration of God's love, prophetic utterance and power, right there in the parking lot.

So if you do go the movies, remember to take Jesus with you, and see who you can lead to the Lord while you're there!

That is some TBN type of stuff. You might as well go to a night club and while you are there "getting your groove on" pass out The Great Controversy to everyone near by. Then call it evangelism....right!!!!


If you are going to the movies, make sure you say to yourself "I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes" Psalm101:3. Since most, if not all movies have a little bit of poison in them, we should not let those things defile our bodies especially for the sake of ENTER TAIN MENT. It means something.


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