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My question for this discussion is How are we as SDA's going to set and example as How the woman are to be modest in the chruch when we have women coming in there with short and tight skirts, the chest poping out, make up and jewley, ect you name it there doing it. So how are we to teach what's in the bible when the ones that know better are the main one doing this!!!

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oh travis we speaking about modesty young man and this issue is of gr8 importance . It is no trivial matter for those professing Gdliness not to be warned and taught that this sin is wrong. It is not harmless either. . any doctrine must be presented in love and allow the Holy spirit room to work too! No I not an advocate of extremisim too .
I wont say women are to wear blouses that cover every area of skin or dresses that cover their entire legs either for you then might as well pants too.. wear apparrel that is not tight fitting that allows room for you to breathe and move freely without over exposure that points out your attributes to the degree u not as if u are wearing nothing?.
women often tend to think God looks on their heart alone and so what they wear is of little importance .. what u wear also reflects the heart though for would u wear something if your heart was right that causes an other to sin ? .
Eternal Life > Dress. So if we get sidetracked by someones manner of dress before we concern ourselves with their souls... we do them a great disservice. And yes, many have been driven away by this. No one wants to be judged by another sinner.

Our job is to expose the beauty of our Savior to all. When others understand His sacrifice for us and grow closer to Him, all concerns about how they dress will resolve themselves.

We seem to be on the same page, at least in this area. But, what is "modesty?" If I were from another planet (of course they speak English up there ) just how would you describe "modesty" to me? Something that would be appropriate at all ages and both genders.

Maranatha :)

A very good answer. You covered it very well, even bringing in areas I had not associated with modesty, but which are very valid.

Mother would never wear anything that showed her shoulders. My wife, I found out after we married, felt the same way. Nor did she wear makeup. With one exception, she used some clear lip stick as a chap protextion, not for color. Of couse she was naturally pretty, she did not have to add anything. I see many women who look much prettier natural then painted with barn paint.

What women seem to not realize is this. When they put something up for display, they should not be unhappy if people look. Don't advertise it, unless it is for sale.

Of course I have seen some where no amount of makeup could change the influence that their disposition had, which shows through into their feature. I have known some very beautiful women, who were ugly as a mud rail fence, becasue of their attitude.

One of the most beautiful women I have seen, other then my wife, was my aunt. (Not the one who is now living in my home.) She had such an inner beauty that came through her face, that it mattered not that it was wringled and battered with age. Physically, she was short, far from underweight and could be quite demanding at times. Some people could only see those things. However, the beauty of her character so overshadowed those short comings that she ended up as a most beautiful person to those who really knew her, which I was privileged to be. You will never see her picture in a beauty contest, but I beleive that God has her picture on the list of those beautiful people who will be in heaven, since she reflected Him here on earth.

That is the most imporant part.

Maranatha :)

See, I can be more funny by accident then when I try. rofl Well, maybe that makes up for the disasters attempts at humor that got me in trouble.

Happy Sabbath
Maranatha :)

we cant show our pits?




i'll put my arms down now    /i\


I think the adventist church has the truth in it ,therefore our members oughth to walk in that ligth and truth .dressing is one of the issues which the church must address agently to redeem our church i therefore beseech our women to dress modestly but not modernly.2 peter 3 verse 3-4 says Do not let your adornment be merely outward-arranging the hair ,wearing gold,or putting on fine apparel.
Until we are converted by the Holy Spirit persons will dress as they please, the Holy Spirit must convict us of our dress and no one else. The Bible tell us that the wheat and the tares will grow together, so each ONE OF US must play our part and set the example for those who dress unappropriately to follow. Let us PRAYER FOR THEM that they will see Jesus lifted up high and a change will be wrought. PRAYER CHANGES THINGS AND PEOPLE.
if what we wear doesn't inhibit movement and people see Jesus in us, we are a good example.
Dress code as some preacher put it "generates more heat than light" to those unwilling to conform to high christian standards of modesty.
The motive behind those short and tight skirt is to seduce the male brethren in the Church. This electrifying clothes are contrary to the sermon on the mount in Matthew Chapters 5-7 somewhere in between Jesus says "whoever looketh at a her woman to lust..." finish it for me.
Jesus was a man and He knew our problem begins by looking ...and it is sin. Its now even worse when our sisters encourage us in those directions through their codes. Whatever happened to being your brother's keeper? Are those who dress scantly to church or anywhere else being true to the call to be our brother's keeper.
You say I dress to be comfortable and my conscience is clear. To that I will say Christianity is not only what you think about yourself it also involves what influence you are exerting is it positive or negative?
Modesty is the word.

One addition to your good post. I am sure that some women do not stop to think about how they look. OK, OK, OK, please hear me out.

My wife and I became close friends with a couple. My wife use to work with this ladies sister before she was killed in a tragic car accident. So, they had some sympathetic bonds. Likewise she and I became good friends, as we had to work together on various committees, projects, etc. So, we had open communication between us. She was a very modest woman. No short skirts, no low tops or plunging necklines. As a daughter of a General Conference officer, she had been given good values.

However, one day, she was sitting on the platform. Unknowns to her, she was displaying far more then she would have wanted to display. Considering her a dear friend, I was frantically trying to figure out a way to alert her to what she was doing, but I did not find any possible way, other then making big scene which would only have made the problem bigger.

So, after the meeting, I was able to discreetly pull her aside and told her what had happened. Obviously, she was shocked. But then she said: "Ray, that took alot of courage to tell a woman what you just told me. I want you to know I appreceiate that level of friendship."

WHeew! That one was close. But, the point was that she had no idea at all of what was visable, when she was up on a raised platform and everyone eyes were below where she was sitting.

Now, I know that this is an isolated situation. The point I wanted to make with this true story is that we all, men and women, need to be constantly alert as to how others see what we are displaying. As the old saying goes:

"Oh, twod be some power twod give us,
to see ourselves as other see us."

Just for the what-its-worth department.

Maranatha :)
I agree with you very much.


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