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One of my four local elders told me he loves the Lord with all his heart & a very short time later came to a party and shoved a piece of cake down his throat.  LOL.  :(  self-deception is one of the worst.  Why?  Because you think your ok or great & really your sinful and in need of God's love and mercy and forgiveness.  We need to pray for the Holy Spirit and seek that personal relationship with the only true God- Jesus Christ.

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Excellent points again Rabiittroup! 

The Word of God is certainly a starting point, but God gave the 3 manifestations of Revelation to all believers as well as the other 6 manifestations, erroneously by tradition and the words gifts in relation to the manifestations which were added by the translators of the KJV in 1611, shown by them being italicized words.

My point is that Revelation from God concerning any matter circumvents and is superior to any sense knowledge judgment based on the flesh. Specifically the Revelation manifestation of Discerning of Spirits is designed to inform about what is going on spiritually, regarding any presence of spirits, whether they be of God, or the Devil, or a mixture of both, the type of spirit(s) involved in some cases and whether you may cast (a better word would be expel) them out of person(s).

Most Christians of any persuasion want nothing to do with demons and fallen angels. One needs a healthy respect for what is dealt with therein, but we should not be afraid of them, rather as directed deal with them and the situation whatever it may be if directed to do so? Who in the churches is qualified and trained and mentored into this area? Practically no one other than a very small minority in all of the Body of Christ. 

I know of persons in an SDA church who have spiritual problems of a serious nature, their identity not to be revealed or how they behave, but no one is dealing with it other than on a surface level, never getting to the root cause and dealing with it spiritually for God's spiritual solution.

These individuals are demonized, but born again, suffering with what most people would call "mental health issues," but which the Bible and the spirit of God would determine to be "spiritual problems."

I gained spiritual insight into the situation of a couple of these serious cases but was not directed to do anything other than pray for the individuals as I have no authority in that church, and there would be great opposition both in faith and in objection to any attempt to spiritually take care of the situation if attempted, just as there is great opposition here just mentioning "speaking in tongues or any manifestations brings out fangs and prejudicial judgments of being of the Devil, with no evidence to the contrary or even having witnessed any manifestation in person.

My comments regarding these persons in the SDA is not to disparage the SDA, as these problems are throughout the body of Christ, irregardless of denomination, non-denominational etc. A few individuals in that SDA church have some insight also into the situation, as understanding the chaos created by it at least.

My point is in agreement with Rabbittroups points about judging by the sense knowledge etc. But if a person came to church every week drunk, for months you would not need revelation to know that they have a spirit of alcoholism, what most call a "drinking problem," and erroneously called a "disease," thinking it is genetically caused when it is spiritually caused.

The church should learn to walk by the spirit, which is what I have been stressing since being here. There has been tremendous opposition by a few individuals, some agree with me on some points, and others agree on a lot of issues, to some extent or another. Judging by the flesh is not good, as Rabbittroup rightfully and wisely pointed out.

It is sad that the church, meaning the body of Christ is not operating at its potential for the most part. A small minority does the heavy lifting while the rest sit back in the pews and criticize or do nothing or little.

Compared to the Book of Acts, it is very sad indeed and God would like a dynamic and powerful body of Christ motivated by the love of God and delivering people from the snares of the Devil, not only in salvation but also the deliverance of the Body of Christ as far as physical, spiritual, financial etc. problems, to have a more than abundant life as Jesus promised. But there is great opposition. The Devil cannot always prevent someone getting born again, but if he can prevent someone or many not to walk by the spirit and in the love and power God intended, and never manifest the power of God, then he has accomplished a lot, and unfortunately has too a great extent. When genuine signs, miracles and wonders occur, then people flock to God in multitudes, and God gets the glory and the body of Christ grows, just like in the Book of Acts, when 3,000 souls were saved in one day!

When will the "Church," The Body of Christ rise to the occasion? I am speaking about myself also, as I have not raised the dead yet, and have only scratched the surface of whats available in the spiritual realm for God, though I have been privileged to see some great miracles and signs and wonders over the decades here and there. Praise be to God! I know that the usual individuals will spew out their mockery and poison, but consider and ponder and ask yourself these questions, if you dare:


I have asked several SDA these questions, they all admit its true that the church has not seen the likes of the Book of Acts to that degree as written overall, but don't consider any solution, and assume things will and should continue as they are? I could give a lot of reasons, but I think people here ought to think, and ponder and consider their own walk with God? Are you doing not just the outward things expected of you by the denomination, or are you striving to do those things that God would have you do that goes beyond the minimum and reaching for and striving to do what God says we can do, both by the written Word, but also in the spirit, by walking by the spirit in love and power of the holy spirit.

Praise be to God, who has given the church the enablements and the spirit, if only we would rise to the occasion and be the church, instead of playing church. If your identity is primarily as an SDA member, then I think you need to reconsider, your place is in the Body of Christ, with Jesus Christ as the Head of the church, which is spiritual, and not a man made organization under 501C3. No one can be saved by anything other than God through Jesus Christ, Period!

Here is the thing I have noticed in the human condition.  People who deny themselves of one thing, over indulge in another area.  Vegetarians love their sugar.  It is rare, if not impossible, to find a pot luck where sugar is not a key component, and sometimes out perform the main dishes.  I believe in moderation in all things.  Ellen White became a vegetarian.  However, she did not look down on those who eat meat, and she mentioned in some cases the particular make up of some people need meat.  I am one of those people.  For whatever reason, I feel better and more energetic with my OPMD when I consume meat, usually when I have pushed my body beyond its limits and left myself exhausted and in extreme pain.  She certainly was no Ogre, but a cheerful, and tolerant woman.  In one documentary of a granddaughter she recalled a man and pregnant woman came to eat with them.  The pregnant woman was craving white bread.  Her husband objected and said she should have the dark bread.  Ellen White cheerfully offered the woman white bread.  So, those that don't have type 2 diabetes should be allowed to have a piece of cake at a party, as long as he doesn't over indulge and become a gluton.  The bitter, nasty woman she is portrayed as is a lie, and I think more of a reflection of the deficiency of the individual who chooses to put her above all things, which is sinful in itself.  Further, these same humorless people look to inflict this darkness on others.  Our relationship with Yashua was never meant to be a dire, dour, funerary experience.  There should be joy and love and that joy and love should be there to encourage and be a light to others.

Can you imagine a hang dog depressed person saying, 'Wanna join my religion, your life can be oppressive too.'

Jesus said,  "In this world you will have tribulation, but be of good cheer I have overcome the world."  John 16:33 New King James Version.


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