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What does the Bible say about self-defense?"

Under what circumstances is self-defense appropriate?

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We should not look or start trouble, but we should desire peace, but if trouble comes, we must face it head on and do what is necessary, no matter how unpleasant.

Hi DJ Harman, I spent many years in the military, God used my experience to change who I was.  I was fortunate enough to spend time around many veterans and military who were honorable and selfless and took thought of others before they did themselves.  Unfortunately I hear far to often SDA bad mouthing military and police.  Maybe they should take the time to witness to them like Jesus did as we see in more than one place in the New Testament and be less judgmental.  Doss was not the only man earn a Medal of Honor.  Many, many others lost their lives in selfless acts to save those around them.   Those given the Medal of Honor do not get a Medal of Honor for seeking glory or being selfish, most give there life for others, those they consider brothers.  What does Jesus say about giving your life for others?  Be understanding of those who feel it an honor serve, they do not understand the things we know. God also loves them as he loved the Roman soldiers who helped put him on a cross.   

I'm a supporter of the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution and i'm going to be member of the NRA..

Me too.  I am a retired Law Enforcement Officer.  I have trained my wife to shoot, and my children to shoot.  With the help of a friend I hunt.  My son passed his hunter's safety.  I am also a member of the NRA.  I think those that do not have the will to use a firearm or other weapon to defend their family, should not own one.  They have already made their family a victim of violence, and due to their failure or hesitation, has let a murderer use that same weapon out in the community to harm others.  If you own a firearm, you need to have the fortitude to use it.  I worked with someone who liked firearms, but doubted he could use it to harm anyone when the situation called for it.  I told him, to get a job other than being in Law Enforcement, and I never wanted him as my partner.

No one should become a police officer without being sure that they are willing and able to use deadly force. Or join the military except as a non-combatant.  As for police work, being told that there will be others not of our faith that are willing to do that job and protect us just doesn't seem christian to me.  We expect to be protected but don't want the blood on our hands.  We call the police when we are in danger to rescue us.  Isn't that also a form of self defense?  If an officer has to intercede and use his weapon in my defense, does God not still hold me accountable just as if I had pulled the trigger?  Or do those who are against self defense not supposed to call for help?  Always been a dilemma for me.

Calling the police doesn't solve the problem.  When seconds count, they could very well be minutes away.  There is no magic teleporter and there are traffic snarls, and people who don't feel they should get out of the way, etc.

DJ. I live here in Kennesaw, Georgia; we have a law that home owners are suppose to have weapons. Also, the Kennesaw State University, we are also are allowed to carry weapons. We have no violent crime, unlike the rest of Metro Atlanta because of this law. So i do believe in using weapons for self defense, it's our constitutional right!

So you depend on Government to take care of you while they don't do their job. Government is a problem. 

The Hebrews carried weapons and conquered the wicked people of Canaan. Our founding fathers unlike most politicians today were believers for the most part, and had a lot of wisdom and insight, and we have foolishly strayed from both the Bible and the Constitution as a nation and people for the most part. Christians have been too docile and obedient to the government that is ruled mostly by wicked children of the Devil. It is time Christians stand up and keep standing, 

Where were most Christians when the Federal Reserve and Income tax was forced ram-rodded through congress in 1913. Where were they when prayer and the Bible was forbidden in schools?

Lol, my husband didn't know of my discussion on here since he was sleeping before work tonight.  Just as he was going out the door, he asked me to look into the NRA for him.

I remember starting my career with shift work.  That is no fun at all.


Our only Defence is God.


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