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What does the Bible say about self-defense?"

Under what circumstances is self-defense appropriate?

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OK so be it unto you. He who lives by the Sword (gun) will perish by the sword. 


That's funny. 

Here in Kennesaw, Georgia; we have no gun control laws so yes we do carry weapons around. As a matter of fact, there is an ordinance since 1982 that home owners are suppose to carry weapons. Kennesaw does not have violent crime unlike the rest of Metro Atlanta Actually, it went more lower, so that's being smart.

Criminals from The City of Atlanta needs to think twice before coming to this area. Because, we will be ready to defend ourselves and they will perish by the sword ;)

"It's funny that liberals thinks that carrying weapons for self defense is wrong" 

The problem is not the carrying of guns. The problem is access to guns with little to no control. Secondly there is nothing wrong with those who choose not to carry or own a gun.

True ZJ it seems to me like the Trump supporters insist on carrying weapons. And proudly points to the second amendment as their anointing to bearing arms. As it says:  "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." This was written in the age of the muzzleloader, I wonder if the founding fathers had known about semi-automatic guns and bump stocks if they would have worded the amendment that way.     

Elijah more than not I agree with things you say.  How ever I would say that I do not get into Australian politics nor do I preach to others in different countries about laws and customs.  Trump has nothing to do with whether or not someone supports the 2nd amendment.  For US citizens it is a US Constitutional issue that goes back to the question of what are God given rights.  You can bow to the queen and all that Jazz and let her have control of your rights to bear arms.   Personally I would rather be controlled by the God in heaven than some worldly elite.

My children use a term that seems to fit in the case of many SDA and it is called virtue signaling.  Not owning a firearm or living in a country that bows to a queen and gives up rights to self defense does not make you righteous.  

Thanks for your reply Raymond. Yes, I am sorry for stepping on your political toes. I find it puzzling how some get all defensive as one talk about the merits in bearing arms and the reasons for doing this. And as it seems when one remark on the second amendment. I wonder if you need to be a US citizen to have the right to say anything at all about US laws?

For your information, I do not worship the Queen. I do not own any firearm save for an antique muzzle loading pistol that is in no condition to be fired anyway. The Police let me keep it as a memento and family heirloom. I did own guns and pistols before I became an Adventist. But when I understood that Christians do not settle differences with guns, or defend them self with guns, that they rather should turn the other cheek, I gave them up. That would be some 20 years ago now. And that was not virtue signalling it was my personal conviction. 


I respect your passion Elijah but it would seem you do not understand prophecy.   I have been to battle fields in Europe and in the USA where thousands upon thousands of people died.  Not one of these blood soaked fields were caused by the a private gun owner owning a gun.  These wars and deaths by firearms were caused by government issued firearms given to soldiers in order to do battle and enforce will the will of a government on another government.  In Europe. more than in the US war was used to enforce religious belief or get rid of religious beliefs. 

If you are worried about something then you should look in to what our SDA faith believes concerning is the joining of religious and civil authorities.  The 2nd amendment is just a small part of the rights that will become void as EGW predicted.  Your concerns are misplaced and the blaming of law abiding citizens rather than the real problem shows to me that many SDA are just asleep.   

Mexico to the south of us, a Catholic nation with complete gun control is one of the most violent places, very dangerous. Unbelievable amounts of violence happen there and I hear about it because my step son along with many many family members live along the boarder where much of the Violence happens. Not much is reported on the news.  Who cares.  Not as sexy as California, Hollywood or Vegas. Right?   Maybe if Mexico passed laws against murder they would not have this problem.  Wait they do have laws against murder in Mexico.  They have laws against murder in the USA.  Wow does this mean that maybe the problem is problem concerning morality?!?!?     


We don't bow to the Queen in the same way that you do not bow to Trump Raymond. Also I have loved ones and good friends living in the US, Virginia, Texas(Groesbeck, stones throw from Waco of all places.), Arizona and Calfornia to be exact. so obviously I would be concerned about what happens in the US.

How do you bow to the queen?  LOL

The US president is not bowed down to.  Part of Protestant heritage that still exists.   I know where Groesbeck is.  You must be scared when you visit with all those gun owning Texans stomping around in cowboy boots.

20 years after gun confiscation in Australia violent crime is up in Australia.  Political leaders in Australia can not even define home invasions in Australia, which is happening at alarming rates.  You live in a very dangerous country mate, maybe more laws should be passed.  Virtue signaling is silly.

Thanks for your reply Raymond. Yes, it's clear that war and the right to bear arms does not have any relationship seen from our present standpoint.

The question though remains about the wisdom of the second amendment as it was written in the day of the Muzzleloader and the founding fathers had no idea about semi-automatic guns paired with a bump stock to make it virtually an automatic weapon giving the one who handles such a weapon the ability to fire 100's of rounds in a very short time.

I have not looked into what EG White says about the rights to bear weapons. What I do know is no weapon made by man can stand against the will of God. 

"20 years after gun confiscation in Australia violent crime is up in Australia"

Domestic Violence is problematic but then violence per capita is nothing compared with the US. Many of the people i know, friends, colleagues, church members have been living quite fine with out guns. Even though in this country who staunchly support Trump do not want our current gun controls changed because the benefit of it can definitely can be seen.


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