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What does the Bible say about self-defense?"

Under what circumstances is self-defense appropriate?

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Hard to do anything if you're not even trying.  The people who labeled him they guy most likely to shoot up the school and didn't do anything about it prior other than whisper behind his back pretty much failed big league also.

Are you sympathetic to cowards?

Our two brothers, subjects of the Queen of England, head of the Anglican church, in Australia are giving us the advice that our 2nd Amendment is no good. 

This is very ironic. 

All my ancestors fled to the USA because they were Protestants.  Reading the history compiled by an educated scholar with my same sure name and who I am in contact with; they fled death, torture, and starvation.  They understood well the right to bear arms and it was not for sport or for hunting but as a defense against the power of what the Bible terms the Beast.  By saying this I am in no way suggesting anyone arm themselves, it is just history that they fled countries where they were unarmed. 

It is ironic that our two Aussie brothers share the same view as the Pope.

It is ironic that our two Aussie brothers share the same view as the one who funds much of this Chaos in the USA, George Soros a former NAZI. 

It is very ironic that our two Aussie brothers who claim we love our guns and trust them to much advocate complete trust in the government rather than God.  A government who failed to focus on law and the safety of citizens and more on a Russia investigation.  A government that will fail and become our persecutor.

Breaking News from me. 

a thug tried to rob a liquor store in Oklahoma but well as a result, the owner of the store and her daughter pulled a gun in him and was shot multiple times. He is in critical condition at the hospital and i'm hoping he will die for picking the wrong store. So yes, guns do save lives. So Outback, your gun control narrative will continue to fail.

It is better to be killed than to kill, and murdered than to murder.

True Ray as Jesus said Turn the other cheek. Something our Gun loving friends seem to ignore Christianity is not about one-upmanship and carrying the biggest gun. 



Defending yourself does not mean you have the intent/desire to kill or murder.  The assumption that everyone who is defending their family, friends or strangers is doing so because they want to kill or murder is judgmental. Humans shouldn't make broad assumptions like that because we can’t read hearts and minds.  In those scenarios, the evil aggressor is often the responsible party, the defender is usually no less responsible than someone who hits a suicidal person that suddenly jumps in front of them while driving down the road.


It's always been one of my prayers that God keep my family, friends and those I know out of harm’s way.  But, I would also ask God to help me or them out of whatever adverse situation evil might put in their or my way.  If that scenario ever comes I wouldn't rule anything out, the same way Samson didn't when he overcame a thousand Philistines with the seemingly simple jaw-bone of ass. Or when Elisha was defended by two bears that mauled the youth accosting him.

The solution to stop deranged psychopathic killers who use guns, knives, cars, or whatever -- shoot back. And who is better situated in schools than the teachers and staff who responsible for the youths well being. Why wait 5-8 min for the swat team to show up with guns? A lot of people can be killed in the 3 mins or so it takes to carry out a mass shooting.The teachers and staff who are willing should receive the same training as LE so that they can best respond to such a situation. Even teachers who don't want to carry concealed should be trained how to best respond and protect the innocents. Now how is this not common sense in contrast to the hyperbolic political rhetoric blasting from the leftist media hell bent on gun confiscation, people control, and eventually establishment of their totalitarian utopian state? Are "Gun Free Zones" really a solution or a death trap inviting trouble? Is this really love for our children or feigned self righteous ideology under cover?

Most Adventists are just like the world, debating the same issues they do ...

Then why are you on this website debating??

I don't understand

Good afternoon ladies. In the light of the school shootings down in Florida. There has a discovery. It has been brought to my attention that there has 3 other cops did not approach the shooter. That makes three weak cops. So the Aussie keeps bringing up nonsense and he loves depending on government to protect him or his fantasy world. 

So the Florida school shooting does proves that depending on government are mentality disabled because the sheriff deputies failed to act. That is why teachers should be required to carry guns, schools should let students bringing weapons to school, and leave government out of our lives.


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