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What does the Bible say about self-defense?"

Under what circumstances is self-defense appropriate?

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".......The difference is that in Australia, there is no Constitution that says that a citizen has that right."

That is true Jack and we thank God for that.

when Obama whas in office their were also shooting. Vastly more mass shooting have taken place during President Obama's administration than that of any ohter recent president. Was it becuase of hate speech?

My beloved brethren this is an agenda of the new world order. This happen only in the summer time. America wont take the guns out of the hands of the people. How they can pass the sunday law. Dit is wat Hitller have done in Gremany, before he have kill more than 6 million people. Not only Jews.

Obama is a sweet heart for many Adventists even though he had very questionable morals.  Possibly a bisexual, waged war and dropped bombs and droned through out the middle east, met with the pope, which was ignored. Obama is a gamer and a pot smoker, and tobacco user which abhorrent to SDA's but Obama gets a pass.  Chicago where he claims to be from is one of the most violent cities in the USA but the fact that you have teenagers shooting each other is totally ignored because it does not fit the media narrative.

Boy Bart, really? Questionable morals, compared to whom, yours? Possibly a bisexual? Ok, when you find out the truth please let us know. Waged war and dropped bombs and droned throughout the middle east. Ok, the United States was in the mist of a Middle East war during his presidency and as president of the United States and commander in chief, he had a constitutional obligation to defend American from outside threats.

Trump Has Dropped Record Number of Bombs on Middle East

By John Haltiwanger On 9/19/17 at 2:42 PM EDT

President Donald Trump spoke at the U.N. on Tuesday about fighting terror, but his bombs speak a lot louder than his words.

The United States has dropped a record number of bombs on the Middle East, roughly 10 percent more under Trump than his predecessor. The U.S. strategy against ISIS is now defined by "annihilation tactics," Defense Secretary James Mattis recently said.

For Trump, 2017 has already been an explosive year: The U.S. has said it dropped over 2,400 bombs on Afghanistan, up from 1,337 last year. In the fight against ISIS in Iraq and Syria, the U.S. has already dropped 32,801 bombs, compared with 30,743 in 2016. And the U.S. has also conducted more than 100 strikes against Al Qaeda in Yemen in 2017, compared with 38 in 2016.

Trump did promise in a campaign speech in 2015 to "bomb the shit" out of ISIS, and he seems to be living up to his word—with little regard for the consequences.

Under Trump, civilian casualties from America's war on ISIS have reached an all-time high in Iraq and Syria.(End)

So, what exactly is your point?

Obama is a gamer and a pot smoker, and tobacco….

Do you live in the stone age? I’m sure in his college day he may have gotten into some things, we all have.

Now Chicago, are you really trying to say its Obama fault? Every hear of Al Capone, The Saint Valentine's Day Massacre? Chicago is notorious for this. More could be done and should be. I know what you’re suggesting, but look, president Trump could do something too.

What you posted just doesn’t make any sense.

The point Gene he is a man not a Saint.  He worked through the same agenda as the presidents before him which takes us towards end times both the democrat and republican.  Yes, he was the toy boy of a rich Pakistani.  This has been confirmed.   During his term as president there were 24 mass murders for which he was not blamed, nor should he be.  He does have some responsibility for the targeting of police and the violence that happened to them.  He did kill American citizens abroad with drones which is not legal.   Due to his threats against the 2nd amendment he became the greatest firearms salesman in US history.   After his term was up he retired to a walled home where he sulked around smoked pot and played video games.  I am not going to waste my time finding the article written by a liberal reporter but it is the honestly what he did.   He is not as far as I know a Christian as we should define a Christian but that is for God to Judge.  In some ways I think he was a better man than George W Bush but again I am not into worshiping men and government but rather judging there actions. 


Who knows if you’re a Christian? He appeared to be a man of faith who often went to church like yourself I assume. If your true point was that he is a man not a Saint why not just say that?  All men have faults, but a man’s true character is measures by what he says and do. Obama tried to make a difference, but there were devils in the way. His efforts were measured by what and how he spoke.

"His efforts were measured by what and how he spoke."

It is extremely funny and IRONIC that he received a Nobel price for peace when he waged so much war.  Ignored African American children shooting each other in his adopted city of Chicago.  Not to mention the chaos of his failed Middle East policy that lead to the martyrdom of so many Christians by ISIS.  

The hypocrisy and ability of people to ignore glaring facts because they cling to a sacred cow of belief is absolutely astounding to me.

His words are cheap. Actions even according to the Bible are what matter.


Obviously, you’ve been living under a rock. You seemed to be unaware of the fact that the United States was engaged in a Middle East war when Obama came into office. So, to say he waged war is certainly disingenuous.

You’re also suggesting, I assume that because he was the black President that he should have stopped the gang violence in Chicago when you don’t put that debt on any previous or current President. The truth is, some do feel that he was instrumental in making some changes, but he wasn’t the Cape Crusader, but the President of the United States. This same President got castrated for saying,

'If I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon'.

Besides, this part of Chicago in particular is rooted in historical causes from racism, the lack of job opportunities, miseducation and self-hate. All these factors contribute to what we see in the city and others. So, I don’t think you can lay this at Obama’s feet.

If you weren’t living under that rock you would know that when Obama came into office the US experienced the worse financial crisis since the Great Depression, known as the Great Recession. Some people blame Obama for budget deficit increase, but look what he had to dig out of. One article makes this point.

“One important difference between Trump's debt figures and Obama's is that Trump has added a massive amount of debt while the US economy has been strong, whereas Obama took over during the depths of the financial crisis.”

What American President from Carter to now has not had a failed Middle East policy? Again, you can’t put this at the feet of Obama.  Are you only concerned about the Christians who died in the Middle East? A report from the Watson Institute says the following:

All told, between 480,000 and 507,000people have been killed in the United States’post-9/11 wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. This tally of the counts and estimates of direct deaths caused by war violence does not include the more than 500,000 deaths from the war in Syria, raging since 2011, which the US joined in August 2014.

All wars have consequences.

So, glaring facts are you speaking of?

All that matters are words?  All I will say is Reggie Love, Obama's body man and party-loving Pakistani Sal Maqbool.

Bart Please! Is this what you used to solidify your conclusion? Did you read the first paragraph?

“Now the same myths are rumbling through the country's bars, online forums and, worryingly, major news outlets.”

There is absolutely nothing in the article to confirm that Obama was "the toy boy of a rich Pakistani."

Not sure what any of this has to do with the topic, btw.


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