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What does the Bible say about self-defense?"

Under what circumstances is self-defense appropriate?

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"I don't believe that's a reason to resort to apathy or inaction.  That's what led to the shooter doing what he did. Too many stood back watching."

Yes clearly Inaction is not the answer, the young man was suffering from a mental disorder as I understand it. I could not help but give a wry smile when Trump said that "the ones on duty were not covering themselves in glory."  But would it not have been so much better if the young man had not been able to buy this Gun for a start? 

There are laws that would make it illegal for him to.  If the community that was aware of his state of existence had taken it upon themselves to intervene, evil likely wouldn't have reared it's head in such away.  

Gabe,  Local police dropped the ball, the FBI dropped the ball.

Look at who hangs out with each other.

We are supposed to trust the government for protection but it does not seem we can. The only thing they seem willing to protect is Hillary and her crimes from prosecution.  I don't care if people call this conspiracy but how can a bunch of teenagers have the connections to march on Washington so quickly, before the dead were even buried with out the aid of connected people.  How can 50 plus calls be ignored by law enforcement? We had a kid locally playing around with a BB gun and he is locked up for a couple of years. So I think it is BS that this one just fell through the cracks.  It would almost seem like the left is willing to step over dead bodies to get there political agenda passed.  Hyperventilating Subjects of the Queen have no idea of US politics.   

So called safest city in the state 2017. More like out of touch with reality and just interested in keeping up an image and then blaming the rest of the country because of their own failures.

After reading the facts and how this shooter was ignored and who the power players are, it would lead one to believe that this was allowed to happen for political action both against Trump and 2nd Amendment.  It sounds crazy but look at the lengths that the establishment goes to in order to claim the Russian influenced an election.  I don't think 17 dead kids would bother some democrats very much if it took out the NRA and Trump.

Don't know if it's a conspiracy but it's an obvious result of their own bad judgement.  The more they ignore those flaws you can't help but wonder about the things you pointed out though.

The net is widening in Broward County, ensnaring those who failed to stop Nikolas Cruz from killing 17 people.  The Broward County School District's highly touted PROMISE program, initiated in 2012 and signed into policy in 2013, is coming under fire.  It prevented Nikolas Cruz from getting arrested, which could have blocked him from purchasing his armory, if convicted.

Rabbit I found something interesting.  Here is the real reason the shooter was not stopped.  It is not guns it is inept and dangerous do-gooders from the goverment.



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