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How can someone really develop self discipline in anything...Is prayer alone enough?... 

Practical Advice would be really appreciated.

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Thanks LessthankingDavid for that comment.

I have a difficulty to self discipline method though. I wish some other advises can be given for Bird of Paradise and I!.

Discipline is the assertion of willpower over more base desires, and is usually understood to be synonymous with self-control. Self-discipline is man's basic tool in solving  life's problems. it means that if someone has no self discipline, he/she cannot solve even one of his/her problems. If someone has a little self discipline, he/she can solve just a little of his/her problems, but if someone has total discipline, he/she can solve all his/her problems.

In the course "Personality Development B" way back in my college years, i remember our professor gave us some techniques in Developing "Personal Discipline" and i want to share it here as you're asking practical advice.

1. delaying gratification- it is the process of scheduling the pains and pleasure in life, wherein someone will choose to experience first the pains, choose to be patient first, before he/she attains pleasures in the end.

2. acceptance of responsibility - accepting simple responsibilities help someone to have self-discipline.

3. Dedication to truth - Jesus is the way, the truth and the life... we can develop self discipline with God's help. 

LOL... thats all, God bless!

Thank you Hale for those comments. Much appreciated.

thats a good question. maybe just make yourself do it

Thanks Alexander,  Daniel and Real Soul Shaker for those comments. Real Soul Shaker, I like the last part of your comment: ..."having the right people around you to kick your arse when it needs be". Yes, I think so.

I always believe in self-motivation and the will to do and achieve anything. Recently, I've realised  only one thing that is a barrier between man and great success (at least by the world's definition of success), is self-discipline. If that hurdle can be easily overcome, I can't see any more barriers infront.

Once I am satisfied with the comments and practical advices, I will close this discussion. Thanks so far for those who have commented.


Great comments. Thank you guys. Bird of Paradise, we have to work it out to have a self Discipline. May I overcome the situation through Jesus Christ hands.

Dior, my sister, that's right we need help through Jesus. May our human effort to ultimate self-discipline in anything be blessed with the blessings from Heaven.


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