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It is appropriate for married SDAs to have sex on sabbath?


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You can check out my last reply here! I was clear there! This now, is just coping what "others" said , using different words!
I really think that you need to ask Gods forgiveness. How can you say your a christian and write stupid replies as what I just read. You need alot of prayer. Please don insult my God in the way you just did. You offended me, by I guess you could say makeing fun of our Lord and Savior. When he was on the cross you were on His mind. Remember this,You are more important to Jesus than you are to anyone else.
Denise Downing
Thanks, Denise, Nikoa, Joan and Melinda!
Dear Bennett,

While we respect your right to express yourself dear brother, may I respectfully say that this is not an appropriate way to do so on a Christian forum, even if you intended the comment as irony. On behalf of the members of the forum, may we kindly request that you refrain from such comments as it ruins the thread. We should not be threatening you with our disapproval of you as a person however, nor should we be rudely finger pointing and telling you what you need to do. I apologize for the behavior of some of the members toward you. Hopefully we can still turn the thread around, or at least end it on a good note.

May I say to all of us on this thread that we who are of the kingdom are to act as men and women of God in all circumstances. While there is a place for righteous indignation, we would never find the son of God acting in the manners demonstrated in this thread.

Let us all forgive one another and move on. Its the Sabbath day now at least in my country, a day in which we can rejoice in the abiding of our dear Saviour!
What a great way to comment, I for one am sorry fo responding as I did. None of is perfect,and I want to have christian love for everyone on this thread. HappySabbath once again and lets start fresh with Love in our hearts, We do have a right to express how we feel on a spiritual level. I hope we all go to Jesus together, I want to meet each one of you in heaven.
Denise Downing
Thanks H.Buff ! I just repeat what others was said, but using my words! Others post before me, was said the same meaning than me! I used more "convincing", "persuasive" , words! Sorry!
I didnt sign there , cos was`n`t my own words! I just copied...
That's okay Bennett. Just trying to turn things for the better. God bless.
Its is impossible 24 hours without sex! Is the sex more important than salvation, meals, sabbath, Bible, God s will, etc ?
I just think that that if people cant refrain from sex for 24 hours than theres a problem.

I soooo agree with this part! Right!
You are so right. Whats the big deal? God only asks for 24 hours, we have 6 days to do our own thing. Thank you for what you said. Yes if you cant give this 24 hours then I question where your heart is . Is it with the Lord,? Or on your own pleasures, and selfishness.?
Denise Downing
I just tried to effort the situation like your phrase now! I`m here ,around 3 months, and over 200 hundred people knows my points here! And its enough about my spiritual life,etc! I felt shame about the cultural impact, more than about the own action!
Sometimes I see topics from kindergarten, but I still silent and respect the newest one! Many issues here are in the Sabbath School Lesson of our bro Travis! And he has more understanding about many situations here than many elders!
In response to the question at hand, I once asked God whether it was okay or not. First he drew my attention to the verse that says we should refrain from doing our own pleasure on the Sabbath day, but secondarily he reminded me that when the seventh day came after six days of creation, he stopped creating and rested. If we are to do as God did, then we are also to stop "pro-creating" as he stopped creating. In my mind, the act is for the purpose of pleasure and pro-creation and are not separate even though we may not always choose to pro-create.


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