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It is appropriate for married SDAs to have sex on sabbath?


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You are right about sex is only between a husband and a wife, when you have sex before marrage it does smething to the realeationship as a whole. You bring a good poing out about sex and Sabbath. I think what Im going to do is bring this subject at our womens meeting this Sabbath. Then I will share some of their input on this subject. You brought out a great thought. I really cant say its completeyl wrong, but why if this is something that people struggle with then since its summer and Sabbath starts later, why cant a couple have sex before Sabbath. I have done that and seems to be just fine.
HAHAH YES THANKS STEPHIE I READ THE LINK . I also remember when adam and eve were created and by sound reasoning alone having martial relations with your wife or husband on THE SABBATH can not be classifyed as sin .
I will add that temperance be added though and that sexual activities not be a regular activity on the Sabbath . Their be many that want to add to you a false sence of guilt by applying scriptures to apply to just about anything they percieve as sin without sound reasoning behind their actions..
OH AND JUST in case my statement on regular and the meaning is not clear I will break it down some ,, it means contunually ;;eating is a regular or continual practice everday of my life except as i choose to limit this for particular reasons!, their are times when for particular reasons when prayer and fasting too is needed we abstain from martial relations during the week also but it not a continual or steady aspect of marriage to abstain.
Some say its sin to eat also on the sabbath for them it is their conviction personaly.
I was just posting it for enlightenment, not because that's what I'm on my soapbox about ;)
I'm not on a soapbox, btw lol
99% from adventists today have sex before marriage! So,after marriage they need to keep same rythm! I want to go away from criticism,but a real adventist couple ,usually have not sex in sabbath just cos a simple reason: they are involved a lot in sababath that missing time to do that!
Friday is a busy:choirs praticing,visiting many bro that need that,prepare the children for enjoy the morning,you can add thousands ativities that not any time except sabbath ativities! You got home tired and later!just relax! taking the last look at Sabbath school Lesson!
Saturday in the morning is up to you!
Saturday afternoon,after short break,choir,groups,visiting prisons,etc etc etc till 5pm!
5pm youth meeting! all are involved again! Or cos you are young,or your child,cousin,any relative or friend will take part is this meeting,obrigatory your presence too!
You really think rest some time for sex? If I have ,I will do it! But I not think so!
Jesus Is not example! Im wrong? Jesus would be in cinema,beach,etc etc? Jesus would use bikini,tigh clothes,dressing showing half from breast? Gossiping,etc? Driving high speed (over law),run away from tax,paying employers just minimum wage? etc etc. We not take Him as example! You read here that somebody says cos Jesus aet meat, we must to do that!!!
You says faithfuly correct,but this works?
You and me must to do this job: to try convince the church to take like this!!! Its no easy! I have failed.......
Lets trying it! Thanks!
God said to refrain from doing your own pleasure on the Sabbath. If Im not mistaken sex is doing your own pleasure. Yes God created sex, both for enjoyment,and reproduction, I have to ask a question. Do we know that Adam and Eve infact had sex on the Sabbath? Just because they were made on the 6th day doesnt mean that they were having sex on the 7th. Maybe, they were made on Fri.morning and by Sabbath evening they were worshiping the Lord. Why cant couples give Fri. sunset to Sat.sunset totally to Jesus, then resume their regular activities on Sat. night. Doesnt God deserve our love and respect enough to give Him our time completely on the Sabbath? Yes the Sabbath is meant for family time,but there are so much more ways to spend time with one another than in bed. I just think that that if people cant refrain from sex for 24 hours than theres a problem.
Denise Downing
Please we are a family that speak several different languages. Some speak multiple languages, other only one. Everyone has the right to express himself/herself in English, or any other language at the level he/she is at.

That being said, let me hasten to say that what Bennet wrote is sickening, or just nauseatingly
I just did a sumary of the posts here! I`m wrong? Sorry, everybody, wasn`t my intention to hurt nobody! Maybe sounds like sarcasm, but is not!
I got surprise,cos I wrote serious things, and nobody saw it! Just now, something "funny", got alarm!
Sincerely, I would like ask forgiveness! I was in my bad moment! I will try no repeat it!
Thank you for your apoligey. I for one accept it. Im sure you are a very nice, and careing person. May God bless you. Happy Sabbath to you.


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