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It is appropriate for married SDAs to have sex on sabbath?


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Funny ? Yes. If it wasn't so seriously spoken on. It's been one of our most popular and long lasting threads of all time.
This is not only a well written piece of work; which I hope you parlay into a book; but this is so nice and makes so much sense.  Thanks for taking the time to write it.  I really appreciate this.
WOW! I think that about sums up what I'm feeling after reading your response Ryan. You just opened my mind to a new outlook. I never really quite saw it like that. I appreciate this post. I'm going to copy/past this as a reminder. :)

I have heard many discussions on this particular topic, and people do share different opinions on this topic as well. Well I am not married but on a biblical perspective, I will say i do not see why SDA cannot have sex or should I say express they love in an intimate way on the sabbath.. After all Adam and Eve were created on the sixth day, they were married on that same that by their creator. Don't you think earth's first couple made love to each other on Sabbath. Sex is sacred, created by God it is not only for pleasure but it is the way a husband and wife express their love toward each other in the most intimate way..  


Amen  Sister
dear it is very risky using the word think concerning the word of God,when it comes to using the word think well go back to the word or yu r living God behind and walkin on ur own,it is either the word says or not,well i too am trying to get away from i think to it  says here or there ,it is a tough battle though dear
I'm sorry, but this comment is pretty stupid. WE ARE CREATED TO THINK. It is a gift from the Creator. If I couldn't THINK, I'd be like a brainless fool, a mindless blob!

I would be unable to 'rightly divide the word of God'.
yes it is a gift from God to help us reason and it was given to  adam and eve at creation that they use it to manage the garden  of eden,and it is the same gift that brought the fall ,y,cause they tot God had hidden something from them,hope yu understand my point of view .God expects us to think and to  maximise that gift,so it is i say when it comes to the word of God,dont suppose let me say that  ,anyway hope u  understand me
Isn't language wonderful? ESP the English language?

But it seems it was a LACK of thinking that led to the fall of man into sin. If Eve was thinking about what God said she may have avoided her sin. If Adam were with her, he may have reminded her remember [to think] about Gods instruction. Or are you saying she deliberately chose to sin?
What is the meaning of the Sabbath in the first place?
-a perpetual memorial of Creation (Ex. 20: 11, 12)
-a symbol of redemption (Deut. 5: 15)
-a sign of sanctification (Ex.31: 13)
-a sign of loyalty (Rev. 14: 12)
-a time of fellowship
-a sign of righteousness by faith (Rom. 2: 14-16)
-a symbol of resting in Christ (Heb. 4: 10)

If sexual activiiesy met at least of those definittions, I think it's appropriate to do so.
I totally agree with you 100%,


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